Everybody’s Special

Everybody’s Special

Around the world
Figure 8s

Swinging around the school
Carry the ‘bell around the school stopping at each corner for 20 swing
C1 – 2-handed
C2 – 10R / 10L
C3 – Alternating
C4 – American

OCR training
Cross the monkey bars
10 Knee-ups
run to other jungle gym for 5 pull-ups
repeat five times

Inch Worm, ‘Merican + Squat ladder
Descend into inchworm do 10 ‘Mericans, reverse the ‘worm, grab your ‘bell for 10 goblet squats
Continue the ladder with 9 ‘Mericans and 9 squats until you reach 1 and 1

Squat Side Slide
Pick up your bell, goblet squat, laterally step to the right until you reach middle of the lane.
Turn and reverse

Bear crawl, Skull Crusher + Bridge ladder
10 skull crushers, 10 weighted bridges then bear crawl to the curb and run back
Continue with 9 skull crusher and 9 weighted bridges until you reach 1 and 1.

10 Snatches each side

10 weighted sit-ups, 10 Dolly w/KB
9 weighted sit-ups, 10 Freddy Mercury w/ KB
8 weighted sit-ups, 10 Rosalita w/KB
7 weighted sit-ups, 10 Flutter w/KB

We had a pretty “special” crew today

I didn’t get much sleep.
Cobbler was late, even though he was there 30 minutes early to pre-run
General was injured in a freak dog walking incident
Frehley can’t use one arm
Mighty was still feeling Saturday
Technically, One-Niner was healthy, but he forgot his bell. (General had an extra.)

That said, we all made it out and did the best we could. That’s the best anyone can do.

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