Covered In Glitter at 6am

Covered In Glitter at 6am

27 Men woke up early on a Monday morning for some running, merkins, squats, and…glitter.


F2 Pace warm up lap towards front of school with abrupt return to start to pick up Jingles (back on regular schedule) and Frack.

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Jimmy Dugan (Frack said he needed a good stretch)

Merkins x 15

Low Slow Squats x 15

Mosey to long path

The Thang:

5 Merkins at each light all the way to Transporter’s office

Speedsters Circle back for the 6

Mosey towards football field 5 Merkins at each light pole (approximately 7 additional light poles)

At base of hill, gather up for an extended Triple Nickel. 3 Exercises 5 Times.

10 Squats at bottom of hill/run up/5 burpees at top and return to bottom. Do this 5 times

Mary while waiting for groups to finish

Mosey to alcove/portico on the side of the high school. Partner up.

Partner 1 runs down sidewalk and across street and back / Partner 2 does Mike Tysons – Did this 2x. It was also here most of us got to roll around in a little glitter. If the M asks how you were covered in glitter at 6am, just blame me (Deflated’s suggestion)

Mosey back towards front of school. 7 light poles x 10 squats at each light pole

Partner up again and form 2 lines for a relay race (time kill)

Sprint to first light and back. I think it wound up a tie

The End


Great work today guys. To nobody’s surprise, Hollywood set the pace with Halfback close behind. There was a little banter but nothing over the top. Really impressive showing by Akbar…especially on that Triple Nickel. Good work, man! YHC also received Rubbermaid’s “Fogged Windows Q Seal of Approval” as I couldn’t even see his eyes during Name-O-Rama! To fog the windows like that requires some digging. You really pushed it today, great job!


Crane Relay – see Posse

Sanctuary tonight at Brooklyn Pizza

Shepherd on Q Watchtower tomorrow

YHC took us out



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