Bon voyage Centurion

Bon voyage Centurion

YHC got a late start and was tossing coupons on the pavement at the Tartarus at 5:25. Dangerfield rolled up stopping with sleepy eyes and asked, “Is this where F3 meets?”. “Yes, go around the stadium to the lot with all the men standing round.” Shut the back to the family 2.0 hauler and haul arse over to the launch. With 30 secs past 5:30 YHC arrived. The terms were set and 10 Burpees to start.

The Thang
Mosey to Tartarus and ‘splain to PAX what to do.
Bear Crawl ramp 1 halfway run to top
Flat, Karaoke left
Crab Walk ramp 2 halfway, backwards run to top
Flat, Karaoke right
AYG to the elevators. Ramp and flat

People’s Chair to wait on the 6 – Little trivia while we sit.

Does anyone know how long Centurion has been an AO? 6 years from Runstopper. DING DING correct. (YHC forgot to ask if PAX knew who started Centurion? He was among us. Escargot)

Mosey down stairs and up to Catholic entrance. Passed by 2 well known areas for downpainment, Front entrance stairs/ramp and patio, on the way to the pedestrian crossing on 51. YHC disclaims the pax in the best way to cross the HWY is via a designated crosswalk. Be safe out there.

Continue to the front of Camel Commons shopping center in front of Amelie’s to stop number two.

Carmel Commons parking lot crossing lines. 17 is the magic number of crosswalks painted all along the front of the mall from Amelie’s to Cabo’s. Run from crosswalk to crosswalk and do descending, from 17, Squats. Mosey over to the Bermuda triangle to plank and wait on the six. More trivia.

Does anyone know the 5 principles of F3? With much mumble and some chatter we got them all out.

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Mosey over to stop 3, Planantine Hill, for a Triple Nickel in honor of our incoming Site-Q, Mermaid. 5 Handrelease Merkins at the bottom, Run hill, 5 StarJacks at top, Run hill. Repeato x 5
LBC while we wait on the Six.

Mosey back to Tartarus, observing much caution while crossing 51, for the last stop. Tartarus stairs with a twist. YHC pulled out all the stops for his last Q as Site-Q and brought his vast collection of bricks. Somewhere in excess of 150. I was promptly asked if I had not finished a project. Maybe… But this time the project is move the bricks from here to there. Split into 2 teams, shirts v skins, and move your pile of bricks (2 at a time per pax) from spot 1 up stairs across and downstairs to the new spot next to old spot. Team that moves all the bricks first wins a special prize. My Respect. 🙂

With that ridiculousness over, we deposit all the bricks back into the M’s truck and head back to the launch.

Tour complete, in more ways than one.


It was a yet another pleasant morning in the bowels of A51 land. Centurion is always a bit muggy with it’s proximity to the nearby McMullen creek. To say we sweat would be an understatement as we all looked like we had just gotten out of the pool. Touring the AO was a good way to make sure everyone remembered the various facilities we have access too. It was also a good opportunity to drop some knowledge about the AO and F3 in general. Always a fun time to ask PAX questions when they can’t breathe and think. #crowdpleaser

Lorax led with Snuka (Respect), Brilleux and Margo not far behind. YHC had to leave Centurion with a parting gift in the form of bricks. This time in F3 has allowed me to gather quite a collection of bricks and I brought them all out. The M’s 2.0 hauler was not happy with the rear weight, but to bad the pax needed the training. Brick Race was fun and exhausting. Team Shirts missed the part about just going one floor in the PD and climbed all three. Team Skin respectfully waited to correct them and allow for fair competition. Shirts still won. #rigged

On a personal note, it has been a pleasure serving the Pax of western A51. I am blessed to have moved in order to make more room for our family and have since been very sporadic in my attendance. While living in Steele Creek I have noticed we need to seal the ring of 485  in CLT with AO’s. I plan to move forward with planting some workouts that will serve western CLT. Be on the lookout for future mustard seeds and a friendly EH to help them plant and grow. Thanks to Margo for helping to keep Centurion strong. We can see the fruits of the Site Q’s and loyal PAX labor with new AO’s like Cerebrus and Brave. All born out of the ever growing and starfish splitting model F3 follows. Mermaid will undoubtedly be a fantastic Site Q and help to serve the pax of F3 and grow A51 to reach more #sadclowns and #futureHIMs.

Respectfully, YHC – Udder



Beerrun – The beerrun has come and gone. If you did not attend, you missed out. Fun times fellowshipping with great A51 and SOB pax. Tks Tuck for organizing. Be on the lookout for a late fall edition that will head north from NODA to Central. #beerrun channel on slack

Nicaragua Mission – Currently raising funds to fabricate a metal building for the community – See Escargot

Q slots open at Centurion – see Margo or Mermaid

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MermaidPosted on2:23 pm - Aug 20, 2018

Sorry to miss your workout. Glad to come on board as co-site Q. Centurion is a great A51 workout and awesome AO

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:43 pm - Aug 20, 2018

Nantan coming out of retirement to be a site Q. Didn’t see that coming but excellent choice.

MargoPosted on2:41 am - Aug 21, 2018

Good one Udder. Liked the brick tower stacks. Thanks for all your support to Centurion!

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