Almost 2 years

Almost 2 years

YHC pulled into the lot and had a feeling would be light crew given vacation time. Slowly a few cars arrived to participate in a moderate workout. After a quick disclaimer, we were off…..

Warm up
2 Lap around the track
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang

1. Run across street to church
Pick a rock
3 rounds-
15 Bicep Curls
15 Shoulder Presses
10 Tricep Extensions

2. Run down Olde Providence toward Harris Teeter
Stop at every light pole or electrical pole, 5 Merkins
Continue toward the Walgreens parking lot for some Mary
Freddy Mercury
Run back toward Olde Providence Elementary
Stop at again at light pole or electrical pole, 5 Squats

3. Circle Up for some Mary at launch
Freddy Mercury
Baby LBCs

4. Shoulder Work (benches under the oak tree near bus lot)
Round 1
Dips x 15
Durkins x 15
Round 2
Step Ups x 10
Incline Merkins x 10

5. Mosey back to the school parking lot with for the Starfish
Middle: 5 Jump Squats
Corner 1: 15 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 2: 15 LBCs
Corner 3: 10 Lunges
Corner 4: 15 Wide-arm Merkins

6. Mosey over to the Playground for 2 rounds of the following
Pullups – 10
Merkins- 10
Step Ups – 10

7. Go to the field for 2 rounds of:

1. Bear Crawl -1/2 way
2. Lunge Walk ½ way

Time to finish off by grabbing some wall for the People Chair with 50 back stretches


It was my 2 year anniversary today from where it all started F3 here at Ascent (exact date 8/20/2016). My fitness has definitely improved, have developed relationships F3 brothers and most recently became site Q at Ascent. Thank you to the Area 51 brothers for your support and fellowship. Lorenzo pulled into the parking lot with his neon orange shorts today and certainty brought it today, strong showing. Lorenzo lunge walk form was also impressive almost to the point he was measuring the field. Great to see my friend Drano today, he’s been a warrior as posted every day this week. Preacher from Knoxville joined us today while in town to visit his brother this week in Charlotte and wanted to get his F3 money’s worth. Thank you Preacher for nice send off.


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High TidePosted on6:01 pm - Aug 22, 2018

T-claps, Costanza, on your 2 yr anniversary. Glad to have you among us, and appreciate your leadership as Site Q (Ascent turned 5 yrs on 8/3).

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