Give me AMRAP…and a Floater

Give me AMRAP…and a Floater

Heavy sweating, heavy breathing, poor clock management, and Frack made this morning a wonderful experience. The Floater requires a backblast. It’s just what we do. Here’s the backblast:

Warm up:

Long lap around the backside of the church and circle up

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Potato Pickers x 10

Merkins x 20

Stretch calves IYO / Enough. Mosey to bottom of #keithjonghill

The Thang:

Floater prides itself as being the most complete AO in WUC. We work hard, we laugh, we honor the burpee train, and we DO BACKBLASTS AT ALL COSTS (substitute BB poster took license on all caps portion). Since the AMRAP at Impromptu has apparently gone the way of Cool Runnings, YHC thought it wise to bring it back…and incorporate the Floater’s benevolent mascot, #keithjonghill into the equation. Run to bottom and find lifting rock.

At bottom do 20 curl to presses run up hill and do:

10 merkins

10 plank jacks

20 lbcs

10 plank rotations

10 dry docks

20 squats

1 burpee at the top (do a burpee more for each time you make it to the top of #keithjonghill).

We did this for “25” minutes. Admittedly, YHC can’t tell time and has no concept of how long an activity may take. It is possible we went over the “25” minute mark, but YHC (subti-BB’er) digresses.

All finished, discarded lifting rocks, and met at the stop sign at the top of #keithjonghill

50% to the speed bump at the bottom and then AYG back to the top

Quick mosey to next stop sign. And then again to last. Circle up for some Mary. Done.

Circle Time:

Great work out and great guys. No announcement substi-BB’er can remember other than a chance to serve Longos and help them move this Saturday. Hopefully a 5 Stoner will have more info on that front. Substi-BB’er is really sorry if he omitted any announcements or key items…I tried to remember it.

Also Open Door Bible Study at 5 Stones office this Sunday at 7am.

Substi-BB’er took us out.




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