Meathead Multiplication Tables

Meathead Multiplication Tables

10 pax, a mix of familiar and unfamiliar (to YHC) faces, posted for the promised TGU-free beatdown. 1/2 the pax (5, for the division challenged) felt the workout would be insufficient and chose to prerun (Hoover, Voodoo, YHC) or preruck (Dora, Geraldo).

Disclosure – mediocre but hopefully sufficient

The Thang


  • 200 two-hand swings + 55 merkins, grouped in 10 sets of:
    • 20 swings (performed as 10 IC)
    • 10 merkins, declining by 1 each round (10, 9, 8,…)

Leave your bells and recovery walk (#0.0) to the playground, dodging the fencing

Playground Math

  • Reps of 10-8-6-4-2
  • Pullups – 1x
  • Merkins – 2x
  • Squats – 3x
  • Repeato until time called (10 minutes)
  • (YHC got 40 pullups, 80 merkins, 120 squats – most others appeared similar)

Recovery walk back to bells in parking lot.  Call for water break.


  • 5 snatches (L) at the top of every minute
  • 5 snatches (R) at the bottom of every minute
  • Continue for 10 minutes ((5+5)x10=100)


  • 5 rows, 5 cleans, 5 presses, 5 squats – L
  • 5 rows, 5 cleans, 5 presses, 5 squats – R
  • 7 bulldogs (pullover + Louganis)




  1. Team Up ‘n Over needs a BRR runner
  2. RockZero needs Q’s
  3. Meathead has Q openings, twice the pay and time off as RockZero
  4. City Ruck, 8/24, 12 miles, minimal PT – see Dora or Geraldo for details
  5. Greekfest 5k on 8/25 – per Voodoo, it’s Charlotte’s flattest and a good PR opportunity

Takeout by Hoover

Muscular Moleskinne:

Well, that wasn’t too bad for a light-moderate workout.  At least, that’s what YHC had planned to deliver.  Something to keep the pax moving and the HR up.  #missionaccomplished on the movement & HR; not so sure about the light-moderate.  As always, bell selection plays a role in the level of difficulty.  (YHC used a 20kg and that seemed about right – moderately hard but doable – nice puddle of sweat)

200 swings, mixed with merkins, was a solid opener.  Challenging but a good warmup, with the merkin breathers.  Full disclosure, YHC had planned on longer breaks as the exhaustion built and the merkins decreased but forgot when the time came.  #cobains  Pax did a good job of modifying as needed, dropping reps here and there or switching bells.  Nice work.

The playground complex was quickly recognized by Geraldo as a variation of Cindy.  Righto.  Pax were encouraged to modify as needed, esp with pullups.  Again, well done.

Snatches were an aggressive call, but YHC felt the pax up to it.  Quick demo by Voodoo for the newer meatheads, and then we were off.  Again, good modifications by the pax, mixing in bells or swings as needed, and trying different bell sizes.  100 snatches.  Boom.

Thanks, as always for the opportunity to lead.  It’s an honor.

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HooverPosted on6:21 pm - Aug 16, 2018

Not too sure about the #moderate part of that workout. I was feeling those first 200 swings #grind.

Great Q, I might steal that workout for a future session.

VoodooPosted on7:10 pm - Aug 16, 2018

Yeah, “moderate” is definitely in the eye of the lifter. My grip was giving out during the opening set and it was tough to fight through it. I was actually looking forward to the merkins for a chance to open my hands. An all around solid beatdown. Thanks as always for Qing, HT.

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