10 Gentlemen and 8 Clowns

10 Gentlemen and 8 Clowns

QIC: Queen

Pax: Clover, Gummy, HIPPA, Hopper, Tacking Dummy, Harley, Spackler, Puddin Pop, Schmedium, Polo (FNG), Hannibal, Jet Fuel, Marge, Queen, Fry Daddy, Floor Slapper, Semi Gloss, One-Eye

The Pax was 18 strong (actually about 10 strong esteemed gentlemen and about 8 clowns). The weather was great as it never rains at Hydra. Here’s how the work out went:

SSH: 25

IW: 20

Slow Squat: 10

Slow Merkin: 10

Mosey to the short field. Karaokee to one end and back then walking lung half way, run the other half and repeat back.

Mosey to the football field. Start at the goal line and go 60 yards and do 15 hand release merkins. Run back to the goal line and do 14 hand release merkins. Run back 60 yards and do 13. You get the rest, all the way down to 1. Then 25 Freddie Mercury’s.

Over to the playground. Partner up. Partner One runs around the school, partner two does pull-ups and air squats. Combine to do 200 air squats and 50 pull ups. Those that finished their second run and their partner had completed that number did 20 more of each. Then 20 LBC’s.

Mosey to the tree with the eight benches around it. 20 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 10 incline pushups.

Mosey back to the launch area. Russian twist X25, then Protractor.


It was a lively group. The merkin ladder early on was a beast. That was meant to quiet some of the chatter (mission accomplished). There was a actually some very respectable effort. One-eye crushed the merkin ladder. Semi Gloss and Spackler appeared to complete it with proper form. Spackler has extra energy saved from never doing burpees.

I question how many partner teams truly made it to 50 pull ups. After having us do 120 hand release merkins, I’ll allow for a little slacking, there.

Welcome Polo, a new FNG. We were all disappointed at the end when we couldn’t come up with a better name. That used to be one of the strengths of this group. We’ve gone soft in that area. Seriously, welcome Polo, you did well for first or second time out.

I had the distance down at 2.5.

Announcements: BeerRun this Saturday. See Gummy or check slack for details.

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