Military Count or Civilian Count…The Choice is Yours Really…

Military Count or Civilian Count…The Choice is Yours Really…

21 PAX gathered on this perfectly fine morning at the Vine for a Cheddar/Cooter combo Q (sounds like something you would order at Arby’s).  YHC rolled in about 3 minutes before launch time to find Cheddar visibly worried that he would be flying solo for this one.  All is good.  Cheddar got us started off with a reasonable disclaimer and off we went.

Cheddar moseyed us over to a far and distant parking lot for some COP:

Windmills X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10

SSH X 10

Then like a flash, Cheddar was off again heading towards the bridge for some hill work (yikes).  We stopped at the bottom of the hill for a brief demo by Cheddar of what would ensue.  Kirby acted like he didn’t hear anything Cheddar said (blah, blah, blah), but it didn’t work.  5 burpees waited on us at station 1, 5 bomb jacks (WHAT THE WHAT??!!) at station 2 and then finally when we reached the bridge 5 jump squats at station 3.  Repito por favor but this time with 10 at each station.  Cheddar wrapped up his half by having us all do “Bear Walks” (you won’t find that one in the Exicon) and merkins at each parking lot line all. the. way. to. the. light. post. (felt like a long way).  With that, Cheddar signed off and YHC signed on.  Thank you, Cheddar.

Mosey to the pond and over to one of the big buildings for:

20 step ups (10 each leg)

20 derkins (those hurt)

Run to the picnic tables for 20 dips and then on to the next big building for some flutter and LBCs.

From there we ran pretty fast to the rock pile (watch out for snakes) to grab some lifting rocks.  Now this is where the story takes a turn for the worst.  YHC was day dreaming when he told the PAX that we’d do 10 curls, 10 overhead presses, and 10 tricep extensions with our heavy rocks in civilian count followed by repeated sets of 8, 6, 4, and 2.  The PAX got a little bonus workout when we started in military count instead.  Thank you, Madame Tussauds for bringing this to light.  There may or may not have been some other mishaps as we wrapped up the rock work, but we don’t need to go there do we?  Rocks back where they belong and off we went for some more fun.

Over the bridge and through the woods to the big parking lot for some partner work and 3 corners (demo was provided as Mic Check reminded us to not look up – good idea):

Corner 1: P1 planks while P2 does 10 derkins; Switch;

Corner 2: P1 planks while P2 does 10 old school sit ups; Switch

Corner 3: Same as Corner 1

Corner 4: Didn’t happen because time was short so we ran back to the launch for some brief Mary before we called it.



Frazier reminded us about the Crane Relay.

Soft Pretzel told us about the Sandbox prom event on 8/31 for sick kids who will have tuxedos and limos for the night to help forget about their troubles.  They need PAX to sign up for security.  It may or may not involve security shirts.  See Slack channel for more details and to sign up.

Fire Hazard reminded us of the Isabella Santos run on 9/29.  It’s the only Speed for Need event in our backyard this year and the PAX should come out and support even if you don’t run in the race.  Thin Mint stressed that there will be a lot of good free food at the event.

Atlas announced the upcoming 4 year Indian Land anniversary coming up on Saturday 8/25 at Indian Land Elementary School start time is 6 am.  So come on out and help celebrate 4 years down in Indian Land.

Paper Jam asked for volunteers to participate in the Hope Challenge.  10 seconds of awkward silence would be the price to pay if there are no takers.  Thank you Delta for sharing your story and spreading the gift of hope.

YHC took us out.

On behalf of Cheddar and myself, it was a pleasure to lead you men today.  There was a lot of hard work put in and I hope we can do it all again real soon.  A special shout out to Benny for coming back strong after his accident.  My man broke all 3 bones in his leg and is back in the gloom.  You’re a beast.

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