I was put in charge of the “hill” day for the latest installment of Swift.  A mostly proper disclaimer was given since we had an FNG in the mix.  Bunker, Tuck and Hairball were off holding hands at the bullring so we took off at 5:15 with instructions to meet at the Wells Fargo parking deck on N. Community House.  Take the shorter version or the longer, scenic version.

Once everyone arrived we did some Brat style warm up things.  Paper Jam did not participate in all of the hi-jinks.  After some thorough warming up instructions were given that we would be running the deck.  You were to run a climbing pace to the top, recover on the ramps down and run the flats at 5k pace all the way to the bottom.  You were to leave the deck in time to get back by 6:15.

Moleskin: Pretty simple concept of running hard, recover, run hard for 100 meters and then do it all over again.  The question was asked “what is climbing pace?” To be honest Woodson I am not sure.  It is finding that point where your breathing is labored but you can keep going at that pace.  It is meant to be hard and for those of us lucky enough to do the BRR it is required.

Everyone out there got in two rounds and some high achievers got in three rounds.  The times going up were slightly faster than coming down which is a good sign that you were pushing hard on the up and doing good interval of recovering and sprinting on the down.

Thanks for Fire Hazard bringing out FNG Adios.  I hope you keeping coming out to see us.  It is always a great time, afterwards.

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