Don’t soil the field

Don’t soil the field

Most of the time, gingers from Union County aren’t allowed in nice places like Charlotte Latin. I had a bad incident with a bouncer a few years back at Cranbrook I’d rather not talk about. Suffice it to say that Eminem and I have similar feelings about that place. But somehow no one stopped me when I rolled into Latin.

There is a really nice field at Latin. But McStuffins kept telling me, “don’t soil the field Ice.”  “Don’t soil it.” I said “what? What do you mean soil it?”  Doc responded, “you know what i mean. Don’t soil it, Ice.” At first I didn’t understand. But then I did. He meant not to get any ginger soil on the field. Man, that felt wrong. But I respected the Latin rules, and kept my ginger six off it.

So we stayed on the concrete, and did a lot of exercises. We did some abs (dollys, heels to heaven, flutters, real sit ups, JLos, dying cockroaches, maybe others). We did some chest and shoulders (merkins, wide arms, bearkins, dry docks, and maybe others), and we did some make-you-tired exercises (plankjacks, side-straddles, mountain climbers, etc), and we did some traveling exercises, like wheelbarrows, partner carriers, broad jumps, and broad jump burpees. No, I don’t know how many exercises. And we ran around just a bit. The Latin pax seemed a little defiant. I kept calling exercises and only some of the guys would do them. And some of the guys would stop before the end. I guess that goes with privilege.

The pax list is approximate, because they try to confuse Qs and mix the fast twitch guys and the Hawk’s nest guys. While most of the fast twitch guys were nekkid, not all were, and it was hard to tell folks apart. Doc says we had 22, but there are 25 listed on the pax list below. You are welcome.

Some good stuff coming up. The Sandbox needs bouncers (not like Cranbrook) for an event coming up.  Check out the Sandbox space on Slack (is it a “space?”), or see Transporter. Church on the Street is rolling for God, and needs you.  And some dudes are going to be drinking and running soon.  That is all.

Thanks to Juice for the takeout.

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