Mixed Drinks at the Matrix

Mixed Drinks at the Matrix

11 men thought they escaped all that Monday running tomfoolery by going to the Matrix instead.  They were fooled anyway.

The Thang

Warm-up run around school property to south lot for COP:

  • Burpees 5oyo
  • SSH IC 20
  • Merkins IC 15
  • MC IC 20
  • LSS IC 20
  • Burpees 5oyo

Run to rockpile to grab a good rock, avoiding snakes where possible

Mosey to lot in front of school


  • Round 1:  Overhead press, merkins
  • Round 2: Squats, burpees

Mosey to wall for 50 arm raises, 10 donkey kicks

Mosey to track: 5 laps with merkins in each corner.  Downward ladder:  5 on first lap, 4 on second, etc.

Mosey back to front lot to retrieve rocks, and carry back to rockpile

Line up on field for sprint to finish

Mileage: 3.0



Moleskine and Announcements:

  • Poor Younglove gets no love… very defensive about modifying?  Just the Q looking out for a guy who’s been absent for a while.  Kotters!
  • Tried to mix it up today ala old-school “Fast Twitch” style, with boot camp exercise to be sure, but plenty of mileage throughout – seems like it worked out for most.
  • Lot of pushing out there, especially on the sevens – was hoping to make it for a last round of 7s but the weinke was a bit optimistic
  • Thanks to Younglove for the prayer
  • Thanks for Pop Tart for allowing me to lead today, and for getting me out of Horsey (and for the reminder this time)
  • Announcements:
    • Cerberus convergence this Friday, Dredd on Q
    • Speed for Need:  Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Oct 6, 7:30AM, contact Gypsy for HC pushing.
      • https://speedforneed.org/


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GummyPosted on2:28 am - Aug 14, 2018

Turkey Leg completely left out my announcement about the Beer Run – this Saturday, noon, Unknown Brewing. Six breweries, four miles. This is a social event – not a race. Join the #beerrun Slack channel for details.

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