Dads Camp & Pop Tarts Make a Miserable Monday

Dads Camp & Pop Tarts Make a Miserable Monday

8 PAX launched from the fountains at Blakeney Shopping Center while another joined us about half way thru. All started their Monday off with a dose of #Blakovery.

THE THANG: Flat Branch Route. See it here:

Stretching by Paper Jam followed.


After a weekend of keeping up with Paper Clip at F3 Dads camp, eating a box of Smores Pop Tarts (yes they are that good) and a bunch of other crap, I knew that Monday was going to be rough. It was miserable. But I made it.

Three predictions made Sunday night all came true. We would run 5 miles. I would be there early. Bratwurst would be late. This time he had to find us.

Tomorrow the hills of Swift and Fast Twitch beckon the runners.

See you on Tuesday.


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