Attention F3 Shoppers – Flash is now offering 2 for 1 Specials on Q’s

Attention F3 Shoppers – Flash is now offering 2 for 1 Specials on Q’s

We had small group of 33 Pax come to Flash for the exclusive 2 for 1 special today.  Participants were told to choose their checkout lane wisely with promise of emphasis on  Group 1: Running or Group 2: Lifting (empty promise based on below).  With that we started the dual Q at Flash with Bottlecap and Foundation.
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Various Merkins x 5
Lunge knee dips

Side leg squat taps

Double wide Burpees – Abort
Hot lap to split into 2 groups
Group 1:
Thang 1:
Hill work
Indian Run to tennis courts
Partner up
P1: Double wide Burpees x 100
Double-wide Burpees = 2 wide squats + 2 wide Merkins + 2 knee ups + Confused PAX
P2: Run hill 5 side squat leg taps each leg
Indian run to columns
Slow donkey kicks x 10
Various planks
Partner Mike Tyson hand slaps
Air Presses
Rinse and Repeat
Indian Run to stairs
P1 One legged hops to top of stairs
P2 Knee ups
Rinse and repeat 5 times
Indian Run to COT
Group 2:
Thang 2:
Mosey towards Football Practice Field few stops along way for exercises to regroup
Find spot on fence and do 30 fence assisted low squats
Then use gates for 15….er 20 Supines
Mosey further and find fence again for additional 30 fence assisted squats
Arrive at Football Practice Field
Make 2 groups  – 1 on sled and 1 doing Mary (timer)  then flapjack
Round 1  – Speed Punches / Heels to Heaven
Round 2 – Top/Bottom Punches / Freddy Mercury
Round 3 – Steering Wheel Punches / Dolly
Partner Up on Field and for 30 yards do:
Round 1 – Lock Horns and Push
Round 2 – Partner Pulls
Round 3 – Switch Partners and Lock Horns and Push
Mosey back to Parking Lot and partner up again for 2 rounds of mirror drills – from football squatting position mirror side to side as partner moves back and forth
and Mosey….
and Mosey…
and Mosey back to Start to rejoin Group 1, completed few exercises along way to regroup

Thanks Goodfella for taking us out.


  • Great way to begin the week after a great showing by the PAX at Mackenzie’s Princess Parade yesterday.  Thanks again for such a great turnout.  Nice job leading your families and communities by example. Thanks to Jingles for bringing the posters/signs he stole, err, were donated by some fellow parade attendees.  We will get those to the family for sure.
    With such a large group, Foundation and I decided to split the group to ensure all smack talk was heard and documented.  Plus, if you get over 30 PAX, it is difficult to corral unless you are doing a VQ like Big 10 last week.
  • Mumblechatter started early as usual.  It was tough to hear myself counting in warmups over the chatter.  The usual suspects chimed in, especially when we got to the Side Leg taps.  Then Damascus’ and most PAX minds were blown when I introduced the double-wide Burpee.  Good thing we split into 2 groups divided by IQ, err, running speed, as YHC would have to demonstrate those again.
  • Running Group:  Lot of hard work put forth. It was apparent on the Indian Runs, that the PAX are either of high IQ or ready for school as there were perfect single file lines.  Impressive sprinting by Maple, Ackbar, Rubbermaid, Deadwood, Damascus, and Dancing Bear especially considering some of the gazelles in the group like Hollywood, Easy Button, Moneyball, Cha Ching, Deflated, Banjo, Goodfella, and Mad Dog (yes, you are sneaky fast).  The tennis court Hill is a sleeper; actually smooth grass (Moneyball even approved . . . Somewhat) and there is pavement at Top and bottom to do exercises.  Going up the hill backwards and the 100 double-wide Burpees weren’t approved by too many however.  The Mike Tyson partner slaps were a bit of a fail as Goodfella couldn’t reach his partner across the aisle while Banjo and Deadwood were touching the top of their heads.
  • Lifting Group (Other Running Group) – Great work by group was hoping to have more chance to include some additional O-Line football drills, but underestimated the distance to practice field.
  • Mumblechatter during moseys was extensive of course as group expected 0.0 miles to be logged, next time we will just grab some Bojangles and watch the flatbellys run the hill from distance
  • Strong effort by Jingles on the partner push/pull drills – Took little extra effort to get him moving, must not of heard the “Commence”
  • Many of Clydesdale thought that football 2 a days were over, but every August YHC gets the bug and wants to at least relive for 45 mins of what it used to be like, it appears that some of the PAX still have it.
    • Today was good chance to get some pre 2018 turkey bowl draft grades in for the O/D-Lines.  Will keep that filed away for the draft


  • Sanctuary:  7:30pm Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  Beginning a new book tonight
  • Open Door:  7:00am Sunday mornings at Five Stones office (1117 Cuthbertson Road)
  • Hope Challenge:  Accepted by Damascus.  Great job sharing his struggles with such a large group.  Very cool to hear how a couple other F3 brothers poured into him and didn’t let “guy talk” takeover but rather got uncomfortable/vulnerable and talked about real stuff.  Well done.  NOTE TO OTHER PAX:  Share your story/struggles.  Whether it be in a large group or with just 1 or 2 other PAX.  And be sure to reach out, check in, and ask uncomfortable questions to your fellow PAX if you sense something is bothering him.
  • FNG (Brent):  Welcome BeltBuckle.  Originally from Texas.  Wife is from Jersey.  Had to quickly give him a Texas nickname before the Jersey shore boys named him Snookie (and we would never see him again).  Thanks (and Kotters) to Deadwood for bringing him out.  Hope to see both again soon.  Thursday in downtown Waxhaw at 0530 is a close one to you

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There is already a double respect in Union County with the Snookie name.

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