Hairspray with some ET and FAA

Hairspray with some ET and FAA

E.T returned using his special powers brining 2 FNG’s to the Valley.  Boom!

Here is what we did:

– Cruise to Greenway

– 30 x sidestraddle hops

– 20 squats

– 10 merkins

– 20 mountain climbers

-10 windmills

– 10 imperial walkers

– 10 burpees OYO

Run 1/2 mile along Greenway

3 rounds

20 lbc

5 balls to wall

20 jump ups

when passing partner to 10 hand slap merkins

Run 1/4 mile to BurnMill Hill

Partner up for partner carries

Indian run back to school

20 dolly’s

20 rosalitas


THE MOLESKIN:  A solid 8 or 9 seems to be the average at THE Valley these days, we will take it. Strong core group with even better fellowship and Coffateria afterwards.  Really nice to welcome FNG’s hairspray and FAA to the group and bring them into the nation right with Shovel flag and mission statement.  And for good measure we through a disclaimer in there right before the partner carriers.

Peace on your week fellas.  Always a pleasure to Q.  Hope everyone had fun at F3 Dads camp!


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