25 PAX arrived ready to roll for a simple beat down even after feeling uncomfortable at the site of the BriarCrest “titillating” pre-run, welcome to #Impromptu.

Mosey to front of High School – Disclaimer provided. 

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Potato Pickers
  • Plank with Plank Stretch
  • 20 Merkins

The Thang:

 Mosey to High School Parking Lot for some Cone Work.

 With full intentions of 10x10x10 workout but was only able to get to 10x10x5.


  • 10 assorted Cones spread around the parking lot
  • 10 of a specific exercise to be done at each cone
  • Once a handful of PAX completed, bring everyone in for the next exercise and the attempt to keep everyone in constant motion
  • Exercise Order – Merkins, Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, Smurf Jacks and then Plank Jacks

 With time running down as everyone felt the need to remind me, we headed to the hill in front of school

  • 10 Sporpion Plank Jacks at bottom with feet on curb and 5 Bomb Jacks at top

Back to school finishing the workout right on time.



 Had a large group again as Cuthbertson AO continues to KILL it in attendance.   Sorry #Goodfella, maybe you will be able to get #BIG10 out to Dromedary to boost your numbers.

Great to see everyone working hard and pushing it in the dim light with severe Muggy conditions.  I initially had these smaller kids soccer cones, but felt they would be too hard to see for #Rubbermaid through his fogged up glasses.

Only minimal complaining and hard work by all.   It was also good to see #Longhorn back in action after his 7 month hiatus from the group.   Also good to see #CaptainPhillips back after over a year from being away.  Maybe we can coax him to stick around in the gloom and pump up the Lawson numbers.

Another strong turnout from PAX not living in Lawson, will not name those neighborhoods.

Thank you for everyone for letting me lead and continuing to tolerate whatever workout I come up with.


Wrap up and Prayer:

 Thank you to #MoneyBall for taking us out.

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