Bro Gym is Back!

Bro Gym is Back!

18 of Charlotte’s finest joined together for a Friday fun day workout bringing back the old family favorite – The Bro Gym!



Jog to parking lot for a warm up and partner up:

Partner 1 sprints a lap – Partner 2 jump squats. 10 hand slap merkins and flapjack x 2.

Partner 1 sprints a lap – Partner 2 sister mary Catherine’s or alt lunges and flapjack x 2.

Mosey to bro gym area – 45 secs on and 15 off. Various exercises with equipment.

Medicine ball merkin circle.




Today was the day to bring back the Bro Gym. In that little shed if you can get past the dust and the cobwebs and the smell of cat (hopefully) urine there is a treasure trove of fitness equipment. Stretchy bands with handles, medicine balls, shot puts, rusty weight bars  and even an old wind bike all of which are ideal for putting together a fun Friday workout. Mix that with some Eminem, the headlights of a Hyandai Sonata, and 18 sweaty men you have a pretty intimidating looking group.

It began with a partner warm up which involved a little touching but not the Joker kind! Hand slap merkins then lead into partner burpees with a double high five or partner chest bump whatever the preference. The size of your partner helped decide on that one as pax like Turkey Leg and myself may have bumped into something less appealing than the chest of a middle aged man. Coordination was a huge factor on this one and some modified and I don’t blame them!

Nightcourt looked a little spent today within the first 11 minutes of the workout as he said he was on the verge of losing his breakfast. Witch Dr enjoyed leading the springs thanks to Rhapsody and Cage decided to go against the flow and run the opposite way to the rest of the group! Rachel and Purell were cruising after a 3 mile pre run where they came back hardly sweating!

Have a great weekend. Thanks for the privilege of leading.



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