Meathead Music Montage

Meathead Music Montage

Meathead pulled in some guest visitors from the south as we swung away to a mixture of music to appease all the pax!




1 min rounds – two handed


40 sec alt snatch 20 sec manmakers

30 sec alt snatch 30 sec manmakers

20 sec alt snatch 40 sec manmakers


40 sec tea bags 20 sec jump squats

30 sec tea bags 30 sec jump squats

20 sec tea bags 40 sec jump squats


40 sec OH press 20 sec dry docks

30 sec OH press 30 sec dry docks

20 sec OH press 40 sec dry docks


40 sec bicep curls 20 sec tri press

30 sec bicep curls 30 sec tri press

20 sec bicep curls 40 sec tri press


40 sec swings 20 sec merkins

30 sec swings 30 sec merkins

20 sec swings 40 sec merkin


Single arms 25 secs and 25 secs rest 25


Single arm swings

Clean squat and press

High pulls




Jack Webb

1 swing – 2 upright rows

2 swings – 4 upright rows

3 swings – 6 upright rows

4 swings – 8 upright rows

5 swings – 10 upright rows


1 swing – 2 goblet squats

2 swings – 4 goblet squats

3 swings – 6 goblet squats

4 swings – 8 goblet squats

5 swings – 10 goblet squats








Solid turnout at Meathead today with some lads joining us from south of the border. C-Span was curious about the accent and the choice of music as the Beats Pill blared out “Sweet Home Alabama!”

The plan today was to keep the bells and the body moving and gauging by the sweat it was mission accomplished. Good group of lads after the Meathead anniversary last week.

Thanks for joining and allowing me to lead. I’m back on Q at Kevlar tomorrow for more of the same!



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