Meat Pies and Red Stripes

Meat Pies and Red Stripes

As per the usual routine before a Q, I needed to get my head right.  Landed on Ratt’s “Slip of the Lip” on Hair Nation, yep, that’ll do.  Got to OP a little early to check out the fields; it’s been dry for the most part, but a caring Q needs to do their fair amount of recon to ensure a healthy returning PAX.  Good enough, head back to the lot to yuck it up with some early risers prior to launch.  Nice of Haze to let me synchronize my crap watch that is 2:42 fast with his nice Timex/Casio?

Give a nice, sarcastic disclaimer with an echo from one of our resident #Hydra attorneys HIPPA to make sure that I let the PAX know that I care about their safety, and we were off.

Slow mosey around the baby track with some karaoke left and right, high knees, then over to the practice field for COP.

IW x 15

LSS x 15

MC x 15

HRM x 15

Mosey to back football field for more fun.  Instructed the PAX that I had spent a little “office time” on the F3 Nation site yesterday afternoon, and looked up the #Exicon for some new workout ideas.  PAX would reap the benefits.  First exercise would be the Blackjack.

Line up abreast along the sideline, run to far sideline for 20 CDDs, run back to near sideline for 1 LBC.  Keep moving back and forth going down on CDDs and up on LBC, all the while the total being 21 (hence Blackjack, get it?).  Shoulders and time were barking about mid-way through, so we called an #omaha when reaching 10 CDDs.

Mosey to near end zone line of football field, for the Red Barchetta.  Found this on the Exicon yesterday and immediately caught my eye as a fan of Rush and the song.  Inquired if they knew what Red Barchetta was, and Haze was the only one to pipe up and say, Rush?  Yes sir, great call my man.  But, still had to mention that the Red Barchetta was a song Neal Peart (drummer, best ever) wrote about his uncle’s Red Barchetta Ferrari.  Workout is to keep the heart rate moving the whole time.  As such:

Start at goal line, run 100 yards to far end for 100 SSH’s.  Variations were IWs (Gummy), Squats (Thunder), etc.  Run back to start, plank for six.

Run 75 yards for 75 Mtn Climbers, run back plank for six.

Run to 50 for 50 LBCs, back to start.

Run to 25 for 25 merkins, back to start.

Supposed to run to 10 for 10 burpees, but any dummy would know that I don’t do burpees.

Hit the top of the hour right about now, so, enough time to run through the trail to Foxworth hill.  Partner up for BurpBack Mountain.  Again, supplanted the “Burp” for some stomachhh.

P1 does Dollys

P2 runs backward up Foxworth, forward back down.

Flapjack x 3

Mosey back to practice fields for 4ish mins of Mary

Freddy Muchisons


Protractors (PAX call angles)




So, upon my recon, I noticed that our Father has blessed us with about as dark of a moon as possible, so the back fields were going to be a little dodgy, but the PAX managed through it no prob.  Go by Faith, not by Sight, right??

Thanks again to Haze for being my #timecheck this AM, partner on the Mountain, and overall knowing what the heck Red Barchetta meant.

Gummy, well, Gummy was Gummy.  Every PAX needs a Gummy.  Builds character.  He made mention that “we’re at a third of the way through” during Blackjack.  Yeah, my shoulders were already on fire too, so the influence to cut it off halfway was certainly heard.

Prior to the workout, I let Slumdog aka whatever know that he was known as Slumdog at Hydra, nothing else.  You are the OG Slumdog as far as I’m concerned.

Thunder Road was back in familiar neon green today.  Didn’t know who he was at #HawksNest was this week, rocking some sort of navy blue or something.

Hopper was following my lead when trying to name our FNG today, more on that later.  Still loving the summer beard brother, muy guapo.

Deep Dish apparently has 10 days left in his 5 week mandatory sabbatical from BofA.  Nice problem to have, congrats again on 20 years brother.  Getting up to work out no less, mercy.  I guess as the old saying goes, “you don’t weigh in, you don’t wrassle”, am I right DD??

Much like DD, Queen just got back from Negril on Tuesday night.  Spent 7 days in Jamaica with his wife, celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  Congrats my friend, on 1) 10 years of marriage, and 2) being able to spend 7 days in an all-inclusive resort.  This is where our awesome title comes from as it only takes me about four days of resort life to catch a nice bout of #gutrot.

HIPPA and Clover were crushing the hills.  I was leaving the lot and saw them back on the baby track. #WTF?  HIP also ran in from Montebello, strong work dude.

Sleepy is back in the fold after his fall down the stairs in his office.  That shoulder probably got a little more than it bargained for this AM, nice work Sleep.  He actually was let down we cut the Blackjack off halfway.  Plenty of time in the rest of the day if you want to knock em out.

On to our FNG, Brian Storm.  Sleepy EH’d him, and let me know last weekend that he was coming out.  Got an early call of his name, and automatically thought of Mason Storm.  For those that aren’t intelligent enough, Mason Storm was Steven Segal’s characters name in the critically acclaimed movie Hard to Kill.  Hopper was on the level, and we immediately thought “Segal” might work.  Haze quickly quashed that saying it was too masculine.  HIPPA was in my ear on the way back up the trail that a Stormy Daniels angle might be good, but unlike the namesake, there’s not much you can do with the name.  Gummy came up with the simple angle of “Sprinkle”.  That’s what it is.  Thanks for coming out Sprinkle, come on back anytime…especially since you are a fellow Selwyn Elementary and AG Jr. High alum.

Haze had us at about 2.4 today…not bad for bootcamp.



BeerRun – 8/18 : see Gummy or slack for more info


Thanks as well Gummy for the prayer this morning.

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BugeaterPosted on9:40 pm - Aug 9, 2018

I called #Omaha when I got up this morning. Sounds like a doozy PP. Bug caught a bug and been quarantined to a small section of my home. Will rejoin the ranks when not hacking phlegm.

HIPAAPosted on2:07 am - Aug 10, 2018

Outstanding write up and even better Q. Old school, classic workout with all the stuff need and nothing you don’t. Like any masterpiece, one burpee more would have ruined Mona Lisa’s smile. Thanks for your leadership out there today.

Welcome Sprinkle! Trust me, it could have been much worse than Sprinkle…..

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