Horrible Exercise Debut at The Maul

Horrible Exercise Debut at The Maul

Large crowd of PAX had gathered up at the launch before 0530, only one who voted for the ‘horn in the Slack Poll.  Off we went




Windmill and SSH

The Thang

Mosey ~.75 miles to Bradshaws

Mary while waiting on the 6

Line up at end of parking lot and sprint to the sidewalk, complete the called exercise run the stairs and go back to the end of the lot.

Burpees – 5

Lunges – 10 (Should have been walking lunges, YHC messed this up)

Imperial Walker – 15

Merkins – 20

Plank Jack – 25

Squats – 30

After this Patent Pending gave us  20 count

As Wild Turkey told me last week, if you are Qing and call blimps everyone will hate it and bitch about it.  If you just call the exercises they will only hate it.  Pro tip.

Next exercise is to mosey back to the launch ~.75 mile

At the launch we had the debut of the Merkin – Bombjack Broadjump. 2 Merkins, 1 Jump, 4 Merkins, 2 Jumps …….16 merkins, 8 jumps. It was awful, even worse than imagined, so you’ll be seeing it again.  Thank General for this abomination when you see him.


Solid work by all PAX, thanks for the fast guys coming back for the 6 all workout and leading mary until everyone is in.   I’m not fast enough to Q this style of workout without support, appreciate the help.


Isabella Santos

A51 vs SOB Paintball

Crane Relay

“Lots going on, get out and get involved in something” – Goonie

Down in IL we will be relaunching the Reservation on 8/25 from IL Elementary with a 0600 go time.  Not converging but would like to see some different faces out there.  Just could not get the numbers at Blackhawk, which is a fantastic AO which you’ll see for special occasions.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead, hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did.





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WildTurkeyPosted on5:05 pm - Aug 9, 2018

Thanks for the shout out, Cobbler. This looks like a brutal q. Glad I missed it.

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