Blind Leading the Blind at the Floater in Waxhaw

Blind Leading the Blind at the Floater in Waxhaw

22 wise guys showed up to force a blind man to lead them through downtown in the dark.


  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Potato pickers x15
  • Merkin abort


The Thing

  • Mosey to the train bridge
    • 1 merkin cross bridge 10 burpee ladder
    • one way bridge run to the railroad crossing to get back
  • Already made Big Ten list 🙂
  • Mosey into traffic and on to Kim jong Hill
  • get a partner 1 partner runs other
    • 100 low slow squats
    • 100 LBC’s
    • 100 American hammer (i did not pick this but nice audible)
  • Run back up hill backwards
  • Back at the lot 2 sets of suicides to the light
    • Big ten tries to escape but is called out
  • Circle up and do various ab workouts dont remember what may have blacked out


Great workout even though i was forced to do my VQ I am glad to have it out of the way.  As expected my glasses did fog up but yet ya’ll followed me into the darkness!!!  Very upset to hear Big Ten is moving to Tampa he will be missed.

Name the FNG

So Eric Phillips did not join the pax when he was at Brier crest but after he moved on up to Lawson he has now come out for F3 in honor of moving on up.  He is now Weezy




7am sunday ACT’s 5 and 6

a make a wish on Sunday Bottle cap is going to put.  Although it is for a girl with terminal cancer it is an amazing event that is being organized. Our Family plans to take part.




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