Laughing Bird, Strange Car

Laughing Bird, Strange Car

7 PAX assembled in the great outdoors for the latest edition of F3 Pokey.

No disclaimer, no music and no devotional but we were ready nonetheless for:


Dynamic Warm-up consisting of walking butt kicks, toy soldier, hip rotations, knee ups with a twist and low slow squats. Most kept their shoes on in the parking lot this week.


Various stretches held for 1 minute and 10 seconds (a new Pokey record) concentrating on calves, hamstring and IT band.


2 of the PAX went on a 2 mile pre-ruck. They found their way back by leaving bread crumbs so they were on time.

The downside to that plan was that it drew birds. One bold bird was not impressed with the flexibility of some and promptly laughed at us all.

Apparently we attracted something other than a bird. A car drove into the parking lot, stopped at an angle, across a few spaces with a direct view of all of us. After a few minutes the car left. I guess he was done.

Next week Bounty Hunter takes a ride on Pokey as our Q and the following week  F3 brogi himself Wingman is in charge. Coming soon Fraiser will take the helm.

Thank you fellas for helping up and One-Niner for taking us out.

As always, humbled to lead a great group of men.

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