Hammering the hips

Hammering the hips

YHC was today’s substi-Q for Sony, who is facing some serious health problems that have the doctors stumped. (Prayers for his return to health!)

Pre-warm-up: “Passive stretch” while YHC read Devo.

(Didn’t have Weinke – left at home in rush to leave this morning – but this was mostly what we did)

Warm up with Sun Salutation (aka Vinyasa) together 1X then 3X OYO.  Then on to the main thang:

Kneeling side stretch then swing leg across back of body to do Twist Side Hip stretch.
Flapjack and repeato

Vinyasa OYO (we did this between most sets, but to save space and b/c I’m in a hurry, I’m not going to keep putting it in here.)

Low lunge: Crescent/Revolved Side Angle 3X
Flapjack and repeato

Warrior 1. 2 then Peaceful Warrior to Side Angle 3X
Flapjack and repeato

Balance work: Tree Pose (extra credit for eyes closed)

Knee hugs (alt R/L) then Dead Pigeon R/L

Firelogs (one leg on top, then flapjack)

Prone Shoulder Flip R/L

Cross Shoulder stretch R/L

Frog (courtesy Millionaire Hoy on UToob)


From Madison: Matthews Alive in downtown Matthews over LDW – look for chances to hand out F3 flyers and talk up F3 among the masses

Lois rocked the “Firelogs” pose.  Most of us could only laugh and try not to fall over, but he was sitting as serenely as a Zen master.
Crickets still patrolling the floor of the Scout Hut – not scary, but unsettling to have one crawl up to you unannounced.
Is it a good sign that you need to stretch out a bit after Gumby?
YHC misspoke: 5 deep breaths is ~30 sec, not 45.

From everymanministries.com a reminder to be grateful to God. Ref: Romans 14:17

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