Spooky Lantern Run

Spooky Lantern Run

While scouting, YHC discovered a spooky clearing in the woods behind Jack Hughes Park. Knowing it would be dark and spooky back there, i decided to bring my old battery powered lantern, placed stealthly beside the trail that led to the clearing.

Then the below workout took place:

Run around the “track” to the clearing
Circle up:
25 Side Straddle Hops
25 Imperial Walkers
15 Knee Tap Jumps
20 Low Slow Squats
Mosey out of spooky area
Mosey to the meeting place of our former rivals, Camp Gladiator.
3 partner rounds
1 partner runs the track while the other did:
Carolina Dry Docks
Wall Squats
Mosey to rocks:
2 sets of 20 each of:
Tricep Extension
Upright row
Wall stuff on the dugout:
50 arm raises then balls to the wall for a 10 count. Repeato.
Finish with some Mary.
Solid work by everyone.
Great work to Shrink Wrap for still coming out with an injured wrist. He did lots of squats so he can fill out his jeans for fall.
Thank you to Private Benjamin for not letting me miss that dugout wall and knowing how properly add numbers together.
Great to talk to Dumpster Fire about our Scouting days and likening the lantern walk in the woods to Order of the Arrow ceremonies.
Arsenal is always the first person there on Monday, I admire your ability to wake up so early.
Sidecar is a fast dude, always good to see him. Come see us at the Maul!
Chopper rolled in at 5:29 and about 53 seconds, which is early by Cheddar standards.
Thank you for the opportunity to lead and not make too much for of me for my lantern.

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