The Brave: Poop Laden Tabata Journey

The Brave: Poop Laden Tabata Journey

For starters, yes I realize that I called the sh*t, poop. It was anticipated that today’s Brave edition would utilize one of the many parking decks with the looming rain upon us. However, I’ll look for any opportunity in the summer months to take advantage of cooler temps over the hot box. 12 men arrived via automobile and 1 on foot (Uncle Rico), this will be important later.

That being said, none of them were Goonie who texted me last night proclaiming he would be at The Brave…and then probably followed that up by polishing off 12 beers, causing him to fartsack.

Warm-up – There was none

The Thang

  • Instructions were given that the PAX would cover a lot of ground this morning w/ pain stations along the way, which featured Tabata style cycles (20sec on, 10sec off) 2 exercises alternating for 2 rounds
  • Station 1 – 1st parking deck we came to on Ballantyne Commons Rd. (Plyo Merkin, Bombjack)
  • Station 2 – next stoplight we came to on Ballantyne Commons Rd. (Burpees, Plank Jacks)
  • Station 3 – entrance to fitness trail near Ballantyne Corp Park (Supine Pull-ups, Jump Squats)
    • This is about the time that word circulated through the PAX that Cobbler, out of all people, was using the “facilities” – Sh*tter #1
  • Station 4- Duckworth’s Parking Lot (Merkins, LBC)
    • This is about that time that word circulated through the PAX that Mario may be using the “facilities”
  • Station 5 – Ben Nevis Base (Spartan merkins, Peter Parker)
    • This was about the time Frehley’s Comet exclaimed “It’s coming that way” before the onset of a gagging, cringeworthy, onion heavy with ketchup finish gas bomb made it’s way into everyone’s nostrils
    • This was also about the time my phone got wet and stopped working and Mario took over as the official/unofficial timekeeper for Tabata
  • Station 6 – No time to head up Ben Nevis, so back towards the columns (1rd of each exercise) (Burpees…yes, again, Parker Peter)
  • Station 7 – Same as station 2  (Mountain Climbers, Freddie Mercury)
  • Station 8 – Same as Station 1 (Donkey kicks, and I forget the other)
  • Station 9 – Brazwell’s parking lot, 20 yd Bearcrawl followed by 20yd Burpee Broad Jump to freedom


The weather held out for us but for some including YHC on the way home, the bowels did not…Great work by the PAX covering some ground today and mixing in some strength and HIIT. Water/sweat and technology don’t mix very well and that remains a fact as of this morning.

Takeaway from a discussion in COT: Keep in touch and stay connected with PAX, friends, family, co-workers etc. You never know what someone is struggling with and solitude can further fuel the internal fire and struggle that some may be dealing with. Stay connected and potentially help someone who may need that connection to hold on and keep going.


8/17 – The Brave converges w/ Cerberus at 530 for a Dredd led workout

8/18 – Come wash away the wear and tear of the week with the CLT Craft Course II, and run and brew event hitting 6 breweries. Respect to anyone that polishes off a Porter, Stout or Double IPA at all 6

8/25 – 4yr Indian Land Anniversary celebration at the re-launch of The Reservation

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