Opening Act
Loop around the right side of the school mixing in some dynamic warm-ups: lunge walks, low-side-shuffles, high-knees and butt-kickers

Side straddle hops (IC) x 20
Imperial Walker (IC) x 20
Ski abs (IC) x 10
Low, slow squats (IC) x 10
Rock hoppers (IC( x 10
Merkins (IC) x 10

OCR training
Monkey bars x 2

Hanging from monkey bars, knees-to-elbows x 10
10 ‘Mericans
Rinse & repeat

Box drill
Cones set in a square, 10 yards apart
Run forward, side shuffle, backwards & side shuffle x 10

Figure 8 Burpees
Find a spot between to columns do 1 burpee then figure 8 around the colums
Add 1 burpee for each subsequent round until you reach 8 burpees for a total of 36 burpees

Cones set up for a short forward, long backward and long forward sprint.
Sprint 1, then 5 burpees
Sprint 2, then 10 lunges (each leg)
Sprint 3, then 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
Sprint 4, then 20 ‘Mericans
Sprint 5, then 25 plank jacks
Sprint 6, then 20 squats

Wacky Wall
7 donkey kicks, 7 muscle-ups
14 donkey kicks, 14 muscle ups
21 donkey kicks, 21 muscle ups

Final Act
Sprint (20 yard) & 10 partner slap ‘Mericans
10 partner slap sit-ups
10 ‘Mericans

Time’s up.

1.) Most did the grueling 3 mi+ pre-run. I met the group for just 1 mile and that was plenty. Arsenal has the toughest pre-run of any AO bar none.

2.) With all the rain, I wanted to keep on the asphalt. Cone drills provide a chance for agility and sprint work that we typically don’t get.

3.) We did a real bootcamp today. Less than 2 miles for the main event. We hit all the major muscle groups, worked on grip strength and kept our heart rates up the whole time.

3.) It’s always fun to work with a vet group that can joke around, but push 100% through the drills.

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