Deer in headlights

Deer in headlights

What was 9 could have been 11.  Then again last week, which was 8, could have been 9.  9 is greater than 8 which ultimately means that Gloss loses.  If you understand the sauce in which I’m stirring then you would have had no problem with the triple dime bag disguised as only a nickel.

Off we went after a brief warning to the Pax.

Station #1 – The track – 10 merkins at the 4 corners

Station #2 – Bleacher work – 10 derkins, 10 step ups, 10 dips

Station #3 – Rock work – 10 curls, 10 overhead press

Station #4 – Parking lot – triple dime bags – squats on one end, dry dogs on the other

That was the loop.  We did 3 full loops – touch over 3 miles

One round of stomache’ with each Pax leading an exercise.

4 rounds of wind sprints



Man, lots of stuff going on.  So much.  Probably too much.  I’d check Slack or somebody else’s BB

With one exception, only because I like Stone Cold, watch Twitter for possible game of ultimate Frisbee at Joust on Friday morning.



T claps to Jet Fuel for reminding YHC yesterday, at Hawks Nest, that I was on the schedule today at DV.  Get on your games Dolly/Smokey.  Alf is pissed and he is the new Assistant Deputy in town.

The damn deer were playing games with us again on the track.  For those at FT a few years ago (which was the last time I attended) you know what I am talking about.  I offered up both Marge and SC to tackle the damn thing and help it over the fence but they were both scared.  I’d a done it myself but I too busy Q’ing.

The triple dime bag – it’s apparently a thing now.  And you don’t smoke it but it seems to smoke you.  You are welcome.

Not a ton of chatter but I did hear something about Hannibal and a bunch of dudes planning on going up to some cabin aka brothel in the mountains to watch the BRR?  I feel I have a pretty good get away game myself but my wife would never buy that.  Good luck to you gentlemen.

Thanks to Smokey for the prayer.


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JetFuelPosted on11:27 pm - Aug 1, 2018

Solid Q, Spackler. 3 reps of the Triple Dime Bag aka Triple Nickel sucked out loud. And Bambi was really, really fast. For my Mary turn, I called 17 reps of Dolly, and Marge knew immediately the significance of that number (Smokey started to convulse). Let me put it this way. Bama kicks off in exactly 1 month to start the quest for 18. RTR

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