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Schweaty Hills

12 PAX for some frothy hill repeats in Raintree.


Quick disclaimer, headed north on Providence, left on Raintree down to gravel lot just shy of Raintree CC for 10 LSS and 10 Hillbillies. Everybody was nice and warmed up thanks to the 200% humidity.

The Thang:

Simple instructions don’t necessarily mean easy. Typically far from it. Start at speedbump at bottom of the hill and up to Four Mile Creek, then back down to the speedbump. Go hard on the way up, recover on the descent. AMRAP. Mosey back to launch for Bulldog’s expedited COT (had to run out as he was hosting England’s 4th place celebration party).


Right about 6.5 miles for everyone and we got between 7.5 – 8 hill repeats in. Impressive feat given the 6% grade on .28 mile uphill and 200% humidity. BRR training at its finest/worst. Mumblechatter was sparse today but I think several expletives with my name were heard. Everyone was grinding hard and getting after it. We lost Margo mid-way through the workout, crab cakes for dinner and FT don’t mix. Hope you are recovered by now. I know the rest of us won’t be for a few days. Thanks for following my lead, as painful as it was, and great work by all!




A game of giant Jenga

Have you ever been to a bar and saw a giant Jenga set? Yeah I haven’t either. One time when I wasn’t at a bar, I certainly didn’t have a thought that it would be fun to play Jenga at an F3 workout. We’ll blame this workout and the concept on the alcohol.

12 dudes came out for a fun time playing Jenga. It went a little something like this.


  • Mosey around the parking lot. After the mosey, Hairband asked if I was feeling OK. Apparently the mosey was longer than expected. Not sorry.
  • SSH in cadence x 20
  • Empirical Walkers. Yes I screwed up calling Imperial Walkers and put an extra C in it. There’s a “that what she said” moment.  I’m going to stop calling these damn things since I’m always mispronouncing it. Anyway we did 15 in cadence
  • Mountain climbers in cadence x 15
  • Arm circles on your own to get the blood flowing

Mosey over to the picnic pavilion.

Thang –

FYI there are 54 blocks in a Jenga set. This makes the math easy. I numbered the blocks 1-9 with different exercises for each one. I went for a full body beat down. 1-3 were arms/chest 4-6 were abs and 7-9 were legs. The order we went in, is the order people pulled in the parking lot.

1 10 WORST Merkins.(1 Wide + 1 Regular + 1 Diamond = 1) Hold plank until next piece is pulled
2 30 Carolina Dry Docks. Hold half push up until next piece is pulled
3 Bear Crawl around BOTH sets of stairs. Hold squat
4 20 WWII situps. Hold American Hammer position (only thing touching ground is your six) until next piece
5 30 heels to the heavens. Hold feet 6″ off the ground until next piece
SIX 25 Reverse crunch (bring knees to chest). Roll to stomach and hold low plank (elbows & toes)
7 20 lunges (10R + 10L). Calf raises until next piece
8 25 JUMP ups (low or high step). Squat hold until next piece
9 All you got sprint to Carolina Courts and back. Wall sit until next piece

There was a penalty for the person who made the tower fall. We didn’t stop for Mary since she was already part of the workout.


Moleskine –

  • Thanks to Hair Band for taking us out.
  • Turnpike was tired of playing the game so he just pushed the stack over. The penalty was 30 burpees, but since he is on the mentally disabled list.  It was nice to rest a little while we reset the tower for round 2.
  • It’s good it didn’t fall a second time. The punishment would have been a group punishment that would have been terrible. This will be the first punishment if I do this kind of workout again
  • Very little mumble chatter this morning. I don’t know if it was the PAX that are typically on the quieter side or if the workout was too hard to talk.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead
  • Speaking of leading, if you’ve read this far then the next step would be to sign up to lead your own workout.

No Football Players Here!!!!

9 brave men got out of bed with high expectation for a low to moderate amount of running.

Mosey to tennis courts and circle up:

SSH x 15, Burpee x 10, Merkin Ladder x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, Squat x 20

Mosey to top of the hill:

Partner work – 150 merkins, 200 shoulder presses, hill runs and burpees mixed in.

I was trying to figure out what happened to all the cinder blocks and pallets; but quickly learned recalculating has been smashing them to pieces during workouts. Now we have no toys to play with, and I had to call an audible. Luckily I saw some some football sleds in the distance.

Hot lap around the track. This was way out of my comfort zone and possible the first time I have entered a track at my own will. On a side note; no one passed me.

Mosey to the football fields where the slacking bar was raised to an all-time high. We did 10 minutes worth of sled pushes in 2 groups. 1 group would push the sled and the other would perform 3 burpees and catch the sled. No burpees were done; but in defense of the group the sled was awful.

Mosey to bleacher and full length up and downs.

All in all the pax worked hard and really focused on the “modify if needed” part of my disclaimer. It was great to see everyone and mix a little F3 into my full-time shaker weight routine.


No Floaty No Problem

This is the instruction manual I should have provided for Header before the workout. Things got a little complicated for 5:30 in the morning for some people…

10 men showed up for possibly the most humid day of the year. We were swimming by the end, but a good time was had by all.

15 Side Straddle Hop, 15 Imperial Walker

At the track…

Walk 1/4 while lunging every 5 steps. At the quarter mark drop your bell and take a lap.

Walk 1/4 with overhead press. At the quarter mark drop your bell and take a lap.

Walk 1/4 while lunging every 5 steps. At the quarter mark drop your bell and take a lap.

Walk 1/4 with curls. At the quarter mark drop your bell and take a lap.

Mosey to the side parking lot and partner up.

Round 1: lap + 20 jumps squats while P2 does high pulls

Round 2: lap + 15 merkins while P2 does right arm lawnmowers

Round 3: lap + 15 merkins while P2 does left arm lawnmowers

Round 4: lap + 10 dry docks while P2 does triceps

Round 5: lap + 5 burpees while P2 does t bell squats

Mosey to the courtyard

With a partner you need the following: 100 swings, 75 cleans, 50 snatches, and 25 clean and press

One partner works on the count while the other rotates between a lap around the church, jog up both staircases, and 25 merkins.

Finished with a brief merry (thanks Header and Sanka) before returning.


Glad you joined us Lumberjack and welcome Killi! Smart move leaving the bells at home. 🙂


Please to lead, thanks for the opportunity Chin Music.

If You Can Do Pokey…

10 PAX shook off the Monday morning blues with a 5 mile run and stretch at Blakovery this morning.


Here is the route:


Some observations from this mornings edition of Blakovery:

-Bratwurst was early but still no disclaimer.

-Tuck is on the verge of losing his Italian card. He had a family reunion without Cannolis. If  it is discovered that the event was without gabagool or he is eating at Olive Garden, it is probably over.

-Depth Charge easily covered 6 miles circling back to make sure I was not lost.

-There may have been 2 HCs for the SOBLand/Area 51 Crane Relay on Friday, October 26t. See pre-blast Contrary to earlier reports, YHC was not one of them.

Thank you for taking us out Tuck and see you all next week.

Ultimate Frisbee Championship comes to FLASH!

24 PAX (including 1 FNG) came to Flash to battle for UFC supremacy.

Morning started with Deflated and I catching up with Dasher for a quick pre-run to check on lighting/field situation.  After Dasher could not keep up with our pace, we proceeded on with out him. Quick check of the watch and shows 2.1 miles with blistering 2:30/mile pace.  Not bad for a Kia Sorrento.

Circled back to start and rest of pax was ready to get started.

Mosey passed first 2 fields that were either dim lit or roped off and proceed to Transporter  ShopDog’s office and circle up for warmup.


  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Mt Climbers

Count off by 3 and lets continue to mosey in search of field to begin the games.  On next part of mosey miracously a $5 was put into my hand as Moneyball/I exchanged awkward handshake and I heard whisper of stick to pavement.  So with that we come upon a well lit parking lot and this will be our field of play for today.  Lined the field and broke into our teams of 3 with minimal issue  (Impressive showing of pax being able to remember their number and coordinate into teams).  Team 1 & 2 take the field for Ultimate Frisbee, and team 3 do Jack Webb on side.  Once team 3 completes Jack Webb’s Team 1 goes to Jack Webb’s and Team 2 & 3 begin play.  Continue to rotate with team on side being the timer.  Clock shows 6:10 and time to mosey back to start.  Show that we covered approx 3.75 miles and everyone got a good sweat going either from friendly competition or return of the humidity.


  • Mumblechatter early during warmups concerning YHC’s cadence upon return from vacation – continue to impeccable.   May look to expand into 6-count exercises soon.
  • Welcome “Eyes Up” new FNG brought out by Brexit – named after peculiar placed tattoo spotted during COT.
  • Certain team decided to go skins and the Dad bods are out – few looked to be sporting sweaters w/o their shirts, others it appeared it was first time the chest has seen daylight
  • Somehow Deflated did not join in skins along with remainder of team, not sure if due to having to remove too many layers or if Bottlecap had somehow convinced him to join his team instead to make things fair (9 vs. 7) for his team.  Also, Deflated appears to have joined Legion of Boom and took no prisoners in roaming the backfield on D
  • Recalc shows that he has clearly been watching Big10 Power – Rutgers as he clearly watched his guy go deep for easy score
  • Must have been school holiday as Big10 stayed for COT and did not have to drive kids to school or he has been banned from driving kids due to blaring Humpty Dance upon entrance
  • Remainder of pax proved that we have hands for feet and cannot catch.

Kent, I believe the pyramidal tracks are housing development outside of Cairo.

14 men gathered in a middle school parking lot to get the week started off right. Through some kind of scheduling glitch, I have four Qs this week – Base Camp, Anvil, Fishing Hole and RockZero (split with Cooter for his VQ). Should be fun. Anyway…

Mosey down to the track for a moving warmup.
Here and There (15 jump squats over there, then 5 CDDs here, 10/10, 5/15).
AYG 400
Here and There again with merkins and lunges
Yog up to the rock pile. Partner up and grab a rock. Partner 1 does the exercise while partner B runs the sidewalk loop and bunny hops up the stairs. Flapjack and repeat. Curls, overhead press, triceps.
Down to the bleachers for partner derkins and situps. Then 10/10/10 step ups/derkins/dips on the bleachers.
Finally, over to the field for my go-to time killer, sprints with 10-count in between.

– It was good to see Dora for the first time in a while. Less nice to hear him complain the whole time, but still.
– Apologies to Thumper for confusing him with Heartbreaker. Similar speed, body type and red hat. Thumper checked my self confidence for me after the AYG 400 as we finished together when he said something like, “at least we didn’t have to push it at the end”. I had definitely pushed it.
– Costanza has the worst Dolly form that I’ve ever seen.
– Watch out for Sardine and Thumper at Hawks Nest tomorrow. They are ready to break out of the moderate comfort zone. Dudes are both fast.
– Slumdog is posting 8 days a week lately. Keep working, brother.
– Fun crowd this morning – thanks for the opportunity.

Check out the preblast for the Crane Relay.

DMZ RUNSTOPPER Q and Special RUNSTOPPER Limited Edition Pre-Run Pre-Blast

Tomorrow at DMZ we have the legendary F3 and Area 51 OG RUNSTOPPER with the Q.

In the middle of BRR training, you know you need an old-school beatdown.

Guaranteed you will be feeling it Tuesday in all the right places.

Don’t miss it 0530 Carmel Road Park Monday 7/16.

But what if you HAVE to get those miles in?  No problem got you covered.
Announcing the 1st Annual RUNSTOPPER Limited Edition Pre-Run……step off from Carmel Road Park at 0455.

Trails Anyone?

For my final Q at Blackhawk, I decided to change it up a bit.  After a solid showing for the pre-run on the trails, all PAX gathered at the launch ready to embark.  13 showed up today including new comer to SOB, Happy Meal and the reappearance of Bounty Hunter.  Welcome to Happy Meal and keep at it Bounty Hunter.  After a less than satisfactory disclaimer (as pointed out by Fire Hazard, it sounded like my first Q), we did a short mosey around the soccer field and stopped to warm-up.

Warm-up – SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain climbers, Windmill, Low-Slow Squat, and Moroccan Night Club

The Thang

I gave some more confusing instructions before we started for the trail head.  There were 5 stations spread down the trails at which we would stop and complete exercises:  15 Burpees, 20 bear crawl strides, 20 merkins, 20 bear crawl strides, 15 burpees.  Some PAX moseyed to collect the 6 while others stayed for some plank variations.  After all PAX completed their burpees (or so I was led to believe…not fooling me Posse!), we turned around to head back out of the trails.  We stopped for some more bear crawls at the next station, followed by more merkins, 10 count in-cadence burpees, and lastly diamond merkins.

After everyone made it out of the trails alive, we moseyed to the soccer field, did a little marry, and then completed 5 sets of the following:  10 squats and 10 merkins at each end of the field with running to each end.  After 20 dips to catch our breath, we moseyed to the playground for some more fun.

Break into groups of 4 (Ringer joined in after a quick trip to the can to make one group of 5).  We had 3 stations here:  Pull-ups, diamond merkins, and Freddie Mercury.  Each group rotated through the stations with pull-ups being the timer:  sets of 8, 6, 4, 6, & 8. Finally, we finished with a couple minutes of marry.

Head to Cruzin Reubenz for breakfast!


It was tough keeping the PAX in line today as there was a lot of mubblechatter.  I was a bit bossy as noted by a few, especially at the playground.  However, all-in-all everyone worked hard today and kept up with my poor instructions pretty well.  I thought the trails were a nice change of pace compared to parking lots and fields.  Glad it turned out okay.  I am definitely going to miss posting in SOB/Indian Land and all the PAX that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the past 15 months.  I will see soon how it compares to Knoxville!  Thanks for the opportunity to Q and to everyone that has helped push me along the way.


Isabella Santos and Susan G Komen Speed for Need runs coming up

Is Phil Donahue Still Alive?

9 PAX, including 1 FNG, made the questionable choice and posted at #F3 Ascent and here’s how it went down.


Take a warm up lap around the track then circle up in the parking lot.

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Windmill x 20
  • Squats x 20

The Thang:

Mosey out of Olde Providence make a right on Rea and then another right on Summerlin Place, stopping along the way at each street for called exercises

  • Wessynton
    • 4 ct Flutter kicks
    • Merkins
    • Dollys
  • Rhygate
    • Heels to Heaven
    • Wide Arm Merkins
    • LBCs
  • Abbotswood
    • LBCs
    • CCDs
    • Rosalita

Turn right on Abbotswood and stopping at Windyrush for called exercises

Turn right at Windyrush stopping at Foxworth, partner up, size and speed does not matter. Partner 1 runs up and down Foxworth while Partner 2 performs called exercise, flapjack.

  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs

Mosey back to the AO via the trail through the woods, stopping at the benches by the baseball fields  for two rounds of circuit work.

  • Incline Merkins x 10
  • Steps ups x 15 (each leg)
  • Dips x 20

Head over to the school and grab some wall for the People’s Chair, with two rounds of air presses.

We started to mosey to the start point but then Fireman Ed had the fever for pull-ups as we passed by the playground. He subsequently Q-jacked and others followed along. We moved on once Fireman Ed had his fill.


  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs


  • Great effort by the PAX this fine morning, a bit cooler out than earlier this week which felt a heck of a lot better.
  • Welcome West Coast, EH’d by Voodoo, great job and keep coming out. It gets better, especially the 2nd F.
  • Mumblechatter was in full effect this morning, right from the launch. Some recollections of who had a daytime talk show began from the origin of YHC’s F3 name. Is Phil Donahue still alive? Did anyone watch Maury? Who is Maury? Sally Jesse Raphael? Tough crowd.
  • Scratch and Win entertained us with some jokes during the People’s Chair. By all accounts he should keep is day job. Possible rename is in order, Open Mic, Stand-up, or Unknown Comic maybe?
  • There was much complaining when YHC called for some Mary on the trail and the PAX #Refusniked about getting on the ground.
  • Good to see Bugeater out there again, he’s upped his game to 4 workouts a week.
  • Fugitive was War Daddy and he gives a solid effort every time.
  • YHC is glad to see the Ascent AO thriving with the PAX turnout, keep it Costanza.
  • Fireman Ed was his chatty self, even when asked to give a 10 count, he kept telling a story.
  • Deep Dish was off to earn some extra credit running back to his house, part of the Donut Run Long John route.
  • Thank you to Scratch and Win for a great takeout.
  • Thanks to Costanza for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter.


  • Ascent is need of Qs, next week is available, reach out to Costanza