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A Trip To The Playground

15  Men and 2.0’s rolled out to play at the Playground.


The Thang:


Mosey, Circle up: SSH x 20; 10 Merkins; 15 Potato pickers, 15 imperial walkers


Pick a parking lot Rock.  At for serpentine of death, at each speed bump do 10 curls alternating to 5 Merkins when you finish option to steal a rock.  No one tried to steal Frack 10 commandments tablet rock! Return rocks


Mosey through the woods to the practice field.  Bear crawl across turf that was soft and manicured to the call we know we are not at Cuthbertson!!!


Mosey to the middle school office area.  Partner laps one runs while other does Merkins , squats and LBC’s the runner is the timer.


Confused Indian run to the playground at the playground; break into teams of three, Zinfandel some how worked into two teams.   Timer is 10 durkins with feet on swing switch out with dips and LBC’s


Much more organized Indian run to the stadium to run the whole set of bleachers.


Mosey to the bridge for some Jack webs up to 10 sea pines 40 flutters.


Mosey to the side parking lot partner run with dips, run is the timer. Mosey back to the lot finish up with plank





Good work out with a bit of Mosey Got VQ out of the way before Rubbermaid although he tried to steal the Q a couple of times!!!


Had 2 FNG’s to name although Pogo 2.0 wanted to name himself and had some good names in mind different ideas were kicked around but the Pax favorite was on his shirt Show time.  The other FNG was Mitch Newell 23 and many ideas were kicked around maybe a little too long as Frack was getting hungry. The name landed on was Scab as Mitch started working at ESPN around the time of layoffs at ESPN.




Church on the streets 8/5/18 talk to Bottlecap for detail


Bible study at 5 stones Sunday

I remember it like it was only yesterday …

15 Men gathered in the week’s opening Gloom to get their week started right.

Here is what we did –

Spotted and welcomed an FNG, fully disclaimed the group.

Run to front lot of Carmel Middle School for COP in cadence

SSH x 25

Squats x 20

Merkins x 15


Run around school to fence between school and fields. 11s with Squats at fence, run up hill, Diamond Merkins at top.

Construction equipment caused a silent audible (oxymoron?) and we ran to Wall.

People’s Chair: Right Leg high, Regular, Left Leg high.

Balls to Wall, Right Hand high, Regular, Left Hand high. ( A few refuseniks here)

4 count Vertical Plank. Hold Plank near wall, Right Hand pressed against wall (and stays there) Left Hand pressed against wall, Right hand down, left hand down. x 10


Run rest of the way around to front of school for bench work.

Dips x 10, Derkins x 10. Rinse and Repeat

Run to stairs next to Camp Gladiator, aka Fitness, Clipboard, and Fee.

Plank walk down stairs. Rinse and Repeat.

Run back to rock pile. Curls x 10, Overhead x 10, Tricep x 10, Curls x 10. Maybe more.


Run back to Church at Charlotte lot for some Mary.



We did an old school String of Pearls, with a couple of laps around the campus. Bug Eater is back out, and crushing it again. Kirk and One Eye as usual out front. Named FNG Gizzard (Shannon Pons), newish to Charlotte from New England area. Say Hello when you see him.

Always great to lead this strong group, and glad to have BlackJack, Sloppy Seconds, and Dr Belding at DMZ.



Where are your shoes?

I had a calendar notification that popped up saying YHC was scheduled to Q at Kevlar.  Thinking, “this can’t be right”, I pulled up the nifty F3SouthCharlotte app and sure enough there I am.  Followed by messages from Horsehead and Pop Tart (and none by Site Q Orange Whip), I figured there was no backing out of Qing at an AO I probably haven’t stepped foot on in close to 2 years.  With a little preview from the Google Maps, I came up with a basic plan and took it from there.  Here’s what we did:

Warmup lap: left out of the parking lot, right onto the long driveway and went around the entire parking lot of the school (or church?) almost back to where we started from to the larger square parking lot.

  • SSH x 20
  • MC x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Slow Rising Merkin x 10
  • Low Slow Squat x 20
  • Slow Freddie Mercury x 20

More running and head towards the soccer field/pitch

  • Efficient 11’s full length of field
    • 10 merkins & 1 LBC on one end
    • 9 merkins & 2 LBC on the other end
    • Keep going like regular 11’s
  • Traditional 11’s from side to side of field
    • Derkins on bleachers & Squats

Start running again back the way we started

  • Hold up for the six and do 10 more Slow Rising Merkins

Keep running until finding a decent sized wall

  • People’s Chair w/ heels off the ground and arms out for 45 sec
  • Balls to the wall
  • People’s Chair w/ toes off the ground and arms out for 30 sec

AYG back to the launch


  • Dolly x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 20



Again, I don’t have much experience at this AO, but if there is room to run, a field, and a wall, you can figure something out.   Great group of guys out there today.  Great to see Red Riding Hood back out there as this was only his 2nd time out.  Keep coming back.

Must give a shout out to Wham-O for somehow not knowing he didn’t have shoes until he got to the workout.   How does that happen?  The only thing he had are his Ultimate Frisbee cleats in the car, so he did the entire workout (all 2.8 miles) in cleats.  Very nice!

Again, excellent effort out there all around today.  Thanks for having me at the AO. Maybe I’ll drop back by in 2019 or early 2020.

Until then,



Rock Day Fun

28 strong at Impromptu, all apparently back from their vacations and ready to work hard on this muggy morning.

The Thang:

Mosey, circle up:  IW X 15 IC; Low Slow Squat X 15 IC

Path: 5 HR Merkins at each light pole to shed, total 35. Plank work while we wait, 6 inches, etc.  Partner up and grab a rock. Mosey as a team to the HS Parking lot.  Partner w/o rock grab one.  Overhead presses x 20 IC

Parking lot-Rock suicides-individually with rock, run to line, 10 thrusters, leave rock, run back, pick up rock and run to 2nd line, 10 thrusters, etc to end of parking lot.  Bring rock back.

Partners-P1 bear crawls to line, P2 curls, switch; both partners to next line, P1 frog jumps, P2 curls, switch, etc to end.

Various rock work, flutters, American hammers, plank (right arm high, etc), 6 inch plank jacks x 10 IC

Mosey with rocks to stair case:  Squats while we wait; 5 burpees, then Merkins x 5 IC, wide arm merkins x 5 IC, diamonds x 5 IC, stagger (r), x 5 IC, left x 5 IC;  Mosey to drop off rocks;

back up path; jump squats while we wait; at every light pole, 5 HR Merkins until back to start; American hammers until time is up


Good work today by the Pax.  Got a little stretched out at times so YHC didn’t really get a chance to see or hear what was truly going on but we started and ended with the same number so that works for me.  Everyone was working hard though as evidenced by the heavy breathing.

And since I didn’t answer the question this morning as to whether a lifting or running rock was needed, to YHC a rock is a rock. We pick the rock, then figure out what the plans are next.   You lift it as much as you can, you run with it as fast as you can.   It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how may reps you complete.  You stop when you need to (or modify if proper disclaimer was provided).  And if necessary, your brothers will come along side of you to help, which is what F3 is all about.

As to the naming of FNG Fumble (Jeff), he was wearing a Jets Ladainian Tomlinson jersey circa 2011, long past his prime.  Butt Fumble was immediately called out, much to the dismay of F3 Corporate.  After not coming up a better name, it was shortened to Fumble to make sure would join us again.  But he will always be Butt Fumble to us.

Thankful to have the ability to be working out and having fun with this group of guys.

Once again, beautiful morning, make sure to enjoy the day. David said it best:   “The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1


Open Door-3rd F Opportunity every Sunday at 5 Stones Church from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.  Currently studying the book of Acts (3-4 this week).  No preparation necessary.  Just come, learn and discuss

Church on the Street (8/5/18)-see or message Bottlecap for details

Crane Relay (10/26/18) The Crane Relay

F3 Great Wolf Lodge -(11/9/18)-see link for details   F3 South Charlotte – 2nd F Family Outing at Great Wolf Lodge (11/9/2018)

Cerberus (8/17/18)-Dredd is on Q for those that want to head up to Waverly




Moving Heavy Things

Thursday evening at the Goonie household:

M: Are you working out tomorrow
YHC: Yeah. I’m leading the workout at Catholic
M: What are you going to do
YHC: (proudly) We’re going to push weight plates and carry pavers up a parking deck
M: (with a look of disgust) You’re an idiot. You’re going to hurt yourself (again)

Probably. Here’s the idiocy that ensued when 14 pax showed up to Charlotte Catholic this morning for this week’s episode of Centurion:

After a quick pre-run with Purell (YHC ran about as fast as I can, Purell didn’t even break a sweat), the pax were disclaimed and we headed out of the launch lot to Little Ave. Left on Little, left on Walsh for a little warm-up run, left into CC and up the Tartarus stairway closest to Walsh. At the top, the calls for Imperial Walkers were promptly ignored and we were going to warm up with the Death Crawl:

Partner up. P1 begins to bear crawl while P2 runs to the end of the deck, turns around to meet P1. Flapjack. Continue doing this until you reach the far wall. Mosey down the ramps to the bottom floor, where 6 pavers and 4 plates greeted the pax.

Keep your same partner, form 2 teams of 4, 1 team of 6 (YHC was expecting more than 14 to show up).

1st set of partners pushes the plate up the ramps. Push the plate on the inclines, carry the plate on the flats. Trade off with your partner when you tire.

2nd set of partners does a CMIYC with a brick paver. P1 starts running with the paver. P2 does 5 merkins and sprints to catch up to P1. 2 pax, 1 paver. Do this twice, meet the first pair at the top of the deck.

3rd set of partners does one lap around the football stadium and meets their team at the top. At the top, do team burpees (teams of 4 do 20 burpees, team of 6 does 30 burpees). The first pax up to the top have the option to start knocking out the burpees as they see fit.

Once done with the round, the partners who pushed the plate go to CMIYC. CMIYC partners run around the stadium. Partners who ran around the stadium go to hairburners. We got through 4 rounds before we grabbed all the coupons and headed back to launch. To appease Purple Haze and others, we did 2 Imperial Walkers in cadence and called it a morning.


Great job this morning by everyone. The Weinke might have been a bit aggressive with the complication, but I figured the Centurion pax could handle it (no way those guys at the Brave would have processed everything). The goal was to keep everyone moving for the entire 45 minutes, and YHC believes that goal was accomplished. According to Strava, most pax got in about 2.5 tough miles.

Glad to see Purple Haze and Mermaid shun Planet Fitness for the morning and post. They’re probably trying to avoid something like this:

Margo was my partner this morning. He was faster carrying a brick paver than YHC is without one. Awesome job this morning, Margo. Thanks for the push.

We partnered with Brilleaux and Thunder Road, who were knocking the rounds out like champs. They had the “honor” of doing two rounds of hairburners, and were still knocking out the partner burpees before YHC and Margo could catch them. Way to kill it, guys.

Ickey and Haze were doing whatever the hell they wanted. #modifyasneeded

Multiple people commented that they felt sorry for Shrinkwrap, having to partner with Purell. Observation showed that the timing on the different circuits was fine for everyone but the Flash Purell. YHC did notice Purell “checking in” on Shrinkwrap toward the end of the workout to make sure he was still breathing.

YHC swallowed a fly on the trip around the stadium and gagged.

This workout sucked, yet everyone was putting their work in like champs. Sound off with any additional observations below. YHC hopes you all got your money’s worth.

Thanks to Margo and Udder (does he ever even post at Centurion?) for the opportunity to inflict pain this morning. It was my pleasure.



Haywoodstock at 24 hours of Booty. Supposed to be a great time. Ran into Lorax at Panera about an hour ago and he’ll be riding, along with some other pax.

Crane Relays on October 26th. Sign up by end of August. Ickey can’t wait for this one.

Well, That was Fun

12 Pax ventured out into the Anvil gloom to get the Hump Day started right. Instead, we did this:

Mosey to middle of parking lot for COP IC

SSH x 25

Low Slow Squats x 20

Merkins x 10


Mosey to Hot Box for 10 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Step Ups.

Rinse and Repeat

Run to A51’s Greatest Turf

Count off by 3’s. 1st group: People’s Chair. Bear Crawl up and around turf. 2nd group: Burpees until Bear Crawlers are finished. Rotate thru each position 2x.

Mosey to lot near RoundAbout. Pax hold plank while one by one each man runs AYG around the circle and back to his spot.

Grab a rock for Curls x 10, Overhead x 10, Curls x 10.

Line up shoulder to shoulder, pass one rock end to end with American Hammer. Up the line and back 2x. Return your rock.


Indian Run to fence , far side of soccer fields. Partner up.

Wheelbarrow until done, flapjack as needed.

Run to Child Development drop off, for 4-Man Derkins and One-Legged Burpees 10 each leg.

Lunge Walk tree to tree, 5 Squats at each tree.

Mosey back to cars for brief Mary.



We had a great group out there, Cobains to the name I left off. Tried to hit a lot of the campus at Anvil. Lots of opportunity out there!

Slam Fest H*LL

10 Goats gathered to find out the answer to the Wheel of Fortune Home Edition final puzzle… Vanna would have been proud to reveal that extremely difficult puzzle… which was revealed in the parking lot…

A trip to Slim Fast Hill!!  (duh)

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to Raintree Country; dynamic stretching
  2. Run from bottom of SFH to top, which is the corner of Four Mile Creek and Raintree
  3. Once everyone arrives, mosey back to start and do it again!
  4. We got 4 rounds in, then headed back to launch.
  5. DONE!  Total of 4-5 miles — Excellent job!


SFH intervals aren’t the longest workouts in terms of mileage, but they definitely suck the wind out of your lungs!  It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality… at least that’s what The Mouth has convinced himself of!

Great to have Madison continuing to come out, and always great to have Voodoo join us.  Madison, Sensei and Voodoo were all leading the intervals.

Beaver, The Mouth and Venus were never far behind, and Jello, Drano and Gullah were giving 1,000%!

Always a good time at SFH, and is very good interval training for BRR.

Notably Absent with excuse:  Retread, Benny, Lois

Notably Absent without excuse:  Nomad, Kilowatt, Insomniac, Slice, Fleetwood, Pele, Stay Puff, Tweetsie… hmmmm….


  1. Crane Relay in October… get signed up!


Foggy went a courtin’

A six pack of hot Zima gold posted under the fog lamps for today’s rendition of Sparta (which was already the name of a Metro workout over near Freedom park, but nobody seems to care).   We ambled and rambled and some took a gamble.  Everyone left as a better man than he arrived, or at least a pound or so lighter.



Warmup mile down the sidewalk to Crestdale Middle for some track intervals – 400s and 800s with 50% recovery.  Suicides in the main lot until 6AM then run back for 6MOM.  Everyone got in over 5 miles.



Nice push by the group this morning.    I saw some guys working hard on the track and we kept a pretty tight formation on the trip back.  Whip was chomping the bit a little, but he needs to slow down and enjoy the scenery sometimes.

I love taking workouts to brand new locations.  It’s like going to that Dave Matthews concert that I heard some guys talking about this morning and hearing “We’re gonna play some new stuff tonight”.  Errrbody loves that.

Might rain today.  Might not.  My friends grandpa once told me that he could forecast the rain by sitting the A/C in his Buick on Bi-Level.  If the air from the floor ducts was colder . . . rain’s a comin’.  You should try it.  You do need a Buick with Bi-Level A/C controls.

Arena proclaimed his love for McHorsey Mondays after his virgin experience this week.  I have the Q next week and he gave me the thumbs up thing when I asked him about posting.  I think those were thumbs at least.

Thurston is moving to Durham this week.   When he was shipwrecked on the island with all of those morons, he only had one copy of the Wall Street Journal which he read over and over.  Unshaken by a flatlining S&P, he held tight on some key investments and finally made enough to move the family up to Krzyzewskiville.   We wish you well.  Tell Lovey we said hi.


Gotta run, Gordon and Percy are getting cross with me.


– HH




Hydra At 98 Percent

20 pax. 70 degrees awesome. Fog brought low visibility. 98% humidity. 2.7 miles covered.

A lot of A51 pax circa 2013 rejoined the gloom at today’s workout that went something like this:

“It’s been 3 years since I’ve led a Hydra workout” – Bugeater

“we don’t care.” – Spackler

That’s a wrap on dude sentimentality for the morning. Hey this is the gloom. We had stuff to do.

disclaimer was said, be careful, modify as needed, don’t sue anyone over this workout.

Track for warmup lap with assortment of high knees and buttkickers

circle up at field for SSH x 15, IW x 15, HB x 15, RH x 10

Next is 20 yard merkin ladder (1…10…1) for those counting that’s 100 merkins and ~400 yards

Mosey to Windyrush & Rea (plank)

Indian Run to Foxworth (R) past Bedfordshire

The Bedfordshire-Queensberry Partner Half Pipe: start in valley, partners go opposite direction, to stops signs and back. whenever meet partner 10 squats and turnaround and go back the way you came – continue until 5 partner meet ups

Indian Run to Windyrush (L) back to Rea (plank)

mosey to church rock pile – grab lifting rock:

curls, presses, squat thrusters x 10

mosey back to launch point

on six for six minutes of Mary (heels to heaven, American hammer, flutter, dolly, Freddy mercury)

burpees x 10 in cadence


count off 1..20, name off


1. some brewery crawl/run (ask Gummy)

2. sign up deadline is End of August for Crane Relays at the end of October

Great take out prayer by Mad, thanks brother!


Thanks for the pax that came out today. I reached out to several pax as I was game planning last weekend. Many BRR, go ruck, mud run teammates.  Donkey Kong appropriately named this workout Hydra as he called us the three headed monster as 49er, Kong, and I launched the first Thursday in May of 2013.  I carried the torch to Pudding Pop in April 2015. Now Marge and Queen have this place running like a boss, 260+ Hydra workouts later. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It was humid wet out and the 1/2 mile Indian Run to and from the half pipe brought some mumble chatter. High Tide came strolling in with a 22 lb weight vest to demonstrate his usual Thursday preference is Meathead were they lug weights around and make caveman sounds. Seriously kudos there High Tide!  Hannibal ran farthest to post at 2.2. Nice work! Also great to see Hairball at 5:10 coming down Rea during my pre-run. He had early start so no time to fit in a boot camp. For the workout most everyone did most everything. Refuseniks on some stuff by those choosing to modify and spare their hurting parts. Great to be back in the gloom as a regular. Keep posting fellas and getting guys back out. This early morning workout thing is good livin.

Just remember Spackler, anybody can be cool…but awesome takes practice.

You’re Really Getting On My Nerves!!!

YHC was running a tad behind this morning but needed to confirm a couple locales for this morning’s festivities. Pulled into the lot at my former normal #528 time slot, ducked in amongst the pax, and shouted a 1 minute warning. Friendly banter, a couple jokes, and off we go.


Mosey across railroad tracks to the other side of Waxhaw across from Dreamchasers and circle up.

SSH x 20

Merkins x 10

Calf-stretches, Hamstring stretches, Old Man stretches

Complaints about Yoga class breaking out

Moneyball being rendered speechless by a Doughboy comment. First time for everything, I guess. Enough of the pleasantries, let’s begin.

The Thang:

Mosey on to the school on the other side of the tracks. It was about .25 mile in when we stopped for a quick 10 count to let all catch up. Bread Bowl counted us down a bit too quickly and off we went again. Bread Bowl was not pleased. “Moneyball, you’re really getting on my nerves with all this running.” YHC thinks he’s been going to Big 10 tutoring sessions or something. We got a chuckle and kept running on to Thin Mint’s hill aka Bad Idea aka Father of Keith Jong Hill aka a long steep hill for a little Jackie Robinson.

Truth be told, I have no idea if that’s an authorized workout name, but it made it easy to remember. Like a Triple Nickel, only 4 and 2. 4 exercises 2x.

Run to first light and do 25 squats

Run to second light do 25 merkins

Run to top and do 10 burpees

Back to Bottom and 50 LBCs

Rinse and repeat. Jackie Robinson. 42

Under the watchful eye of Big 10, Bread Bowl delivered a far more measured 15 count. Off we went again – mosey back up the hill towards Waxhaw for a little game of “Would You Rather”.

At the Railroad Bridge Pax had 2 choices:

  1. 3 Burpees at the bottom of bridge/3 at top/3 at bottom/3 back on top/3 at bottom or…
  2. 30 Speed Skaters/30 Squats/30 Calf Raises

At the Half-Wall Pax had 2 choices:

  1. Light Pole suicide or…
  2. 50 dips/25 derkins

Mosey to Full Wall across from church:

  1. 40 Donkey Kicks or…
  2. 80 American Hammers

Mosey to bottom of Keith Jong Hill:

  1. Run backwards to first stop sign or…
  2. Run forward to second stop sign

30 seconds remained. Back to COT for a AYG to stop sign and back. Finished!


Awesome effort by the Pax today. Rubbermaid said we covered right around 3 miles.

Really proud of Bread Bowl and how hard we worked. From what Dough Boy told us, he had a bit of a let down in sports a couple days prior. Really good to see him out there busting his butt at 5:30 in the morning. Great job, Bread Bowl! Seems like the entire group is getting faster. Damascus killed it and the Briarcrest crew is really coming on nicely. Great job Fuse Box on all the EHs. We left Posse behind again. Either we need to start waiting a bit longer or he needs to get there a bit earlier. Not sure which…Big 10 stayed until the end. He dodged a bullet today as we decided not to collect dues this morning.


Longos are moving. Dough Boy will circulate details

Keep Longo family in your prayers. Lynnmarie is battling Stage 4 cancer. A miracle is needed

Thanks Damascus for taking us out.