Disproportionate men and KB’s

  • When:07/31/2018
  • QIC: Bulldog
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Disproportionate men and KB’s

Great crew out at Skunkworks today for a death by suicides combo.


The Thang

SSH x 10

IW x 10

Suicides at 5 cones adding 5 merkins each cone.

Partner up.

Partner 1 – upright row

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – goblet squat

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – OH press

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – thruster

Partner 2 run lap

Flap jack each time


Ladder work (30 secs on 10 secs off)


1) snatch right

2) snatch left

3) Clean and press right

4) Clean and press left

5) OH press



1) t bag squat

2) good mornings

3) lunge right

4) lunge left

5) jump squat



1) bicep curls

2) tricep press

3) Clean right

4) Clean left

5) swings


Suicides with swings 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Suicides with abs

Suicides with burpees 1, 2, 3 4, 5




Ye Olde Naked Moleskine

Good to see some olde timers at Skunk today. No pre KB and no pre-run so the lads knew that the 45 mins would be enough!

18 pax showed for a bit of KB’s with some short sharp mileage which usually means some lung busting cardio and lots of sweat.

Some mass confusion at some points over who’s bell was who’s and the old “fat handle” comments that ensued with some friendly banter!

Thanks for allowing me to lead and to Tackling Dummy for taking us out.



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BananasPosted on1:35 am - Aug 1, 2018

Good times with the boys today. One of those workouts that I didn’t think killed me until tonight. Soreness sinking in. Skunk is still the best site in the South!

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