Bend and Snap

Bend and Snap

9 PAX for this week’s edition of Cerberus, including one FNG who earned the name Legally Blonde


  • Mosey to the lot behind Whole Foods for COP (IW, LSS, Merk, Mtn Climber)
  • Line up abreast facing opposite end of lot
    • 10 merkins, 10 spider crawl steps, 10 merkin, 10 spider crawl, sprint to the other side
    • 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, sprint to the other side
    • Sprint all the way across
    • Sprint all the way back
    • Burpee broad jump to the halfway point, sprint the rest of the way
  • Enough of that, mosey to the base of the parking deck and find a partner
    • P1 has the option of lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk
    • P2 runs up ramps to the steps on the next level up from wherever P1 currently is, down one flight of stairs, and then up the ramps to find P1
    • Flapjack and repeat until you get to the top of the deck
  • Extended Mary
  • Down the steps and head to the traffic circle at Waverly Walk and Matthews Farm for 4 corners (ish)
    • There are 4 roads leading away from the traffic circle, instructions given on how far to run down each
    • Run them in any order
    • At the end of each pick one of the following until you have completed 4 roads and each of the exercises (20 burpees, 20 jump squat, 20 HR merkin, 20 CDD)
    • Lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk round and round the circle while we wait for the 6
  • Mosey to the park with the doggy turf and find a spot on one of the low walls
    • 10 modified step ups each leg (foot remains on the wall so right foot on the wall, step¬† up and lift your left knee, bring left foot back to the ground with right foot still on the wall, right foot stays until reps are completed and then switch)
    • 20 dips
    • 10 derkins
    • Repeat but with 20 modified step ups each leg, 30 dips, 20 derkins
  • Head back to launch, done



Nice varied crew of A51, SOB and UC this morning as is usual at Cerberus. Tried to throw out a mixed bag of exercises for this crew and venture a little bit away from YHC’s typical run-heavy workouts. 2ish miles is where we ended up.

McGee started the workout by insulting our FNG’s car and telling him he didn’t need to worry about it getting broken into since all of the other cars parked next to it were nicer. He then went on to wonder why he was the only one who showed up to the soft launch of his workout the day before. Cause and effect, my friend. Cause and effect. (That, and not letting anyone know about it until 9PM the night before).

In all seriousness though, McGee showed us how an FNG should be welcomed to F3. Talked to him throughout the workout and even had a name waiting and ready to go by the time we got to COT (something which YHC is very grateful for as my naming record as Q is pretty shabby). Legally Blonde was brought out by Doc McStuffins — he is a student at UCLA pursuing a pre-veterinary degree, is out here for the summer, and has spent a few days shadowing Doc at his office. McGee, with a Hops-like knowledge of movie trivia, quickly realized that the main character in Legally Blonde went to CULA and thus the name was born. The fact that Doc informed us he is quite bright and that he is a competitive powerlifter in his spare time put the icing on the cake. Welcome, Legally Blonde. Hope to see you out there more this summer.

There has to be a better name for the modified step up things we did. We should do them more often. The PAX can confirm that they hurt way more than your regular, run of the mill step up and they are a great way to train your legs for the hills in the absence of an actual hill to run on. BRR is less than 6 weeks away. Get excited people.

Good seeing Shop Dawg back out consistently after a hiatus from the 1F, even if he did straight up refuse to lunge walk, bear crawl, or crab walk. He chose Option D: none of the above. Still, after hearing about the time and talent he put forth leading the Sandbox pallet project last weekend, I have nothing but respect for this Respect. It’s an honor to know you, buddy.

Another muggy morning but we made the best of it and everyone pushed hard today. Appreciate you all coming out.



  • McGee’s new Thursday AMRAP workout at Waverly (yet to be named) continues next Thursday. He’s hoping to double, or maybe even triple, the attendance so come check it out. Meets 0530 at Viva Chicken in Waverly. 30 minute AMRAP bracketed by warmup, cool down. Guaranteed to kick your butt.
  • Fast Twitch and Swift converge at Charlotte Latin track this Tuesday for time trials (1 and 2 mile timed options available)
  • Crane Relay – sign up
  • UC 3F Opportunities
    • Sundays at 700 AM, Open Door, @ Five Stones Church Office
    • Mondays at 730 PM, Sanctuary, @ Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel

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