I remember it like it was only yesterday …


I remember it like it was only yesterday …

15 Men gathered in the week’s opening Gloom to get their week started right.

Here is what we did –

Spotted and welcomed an FNG, fully disclaimed the group.

Run to front lot of Carmel Middle School for COP in cadence

SSH x 25

Squats x 20

Merkins x 15


Run around school to fence between school and fields. 11s with Squats at fence, run up hill, Diamond Merkins at top.

Construction equipment caused a silent audible (oxymoron?) and we ran to Wall.

People’s Chair: Right Leg high, Regular, Left Leg high.

Balls to Wall, Right Hand high, Regular, Left Hand high. ( A few refuseniks here)

4 count Vertical Plank. Hold Plank near wall, Right Hand pressed against wall (and stays there) Left Hand pressed against wall, Right hand down, left hand down. x 10


Run rest of the way around to front of school for bench work.

Dips x 10, Derkins x 10. Rinse and Repeat

Run to stairs next to Camp Gladiator, aka Fitness, Clipboard, and Fee.

Plank walk down stairs. Rinse and Repeat.

Run back to rock pile. Curls x 10, Overhead x 10, Tricep x 10, Curls x 10. Maybe more.


Run back to Church at Charlotte lot for some Mary.



We did an old school String of Pearls, with a couple of laps around the campus. Bug Eater is back out, and crushing it again. Kirk and One Eye as usual out front. Named FNG Gizzard (Shannon Pons), newish to Charlotte from New England area. Say Hello when you see him.

Always great to lead this strong group, and glad to have BlackJack, Sloppy Seconds, and Dr Belding at DMZ.



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