Well, That was Fun

Well, That was Fun

12 Pax ventured out into the Anvil gloom to get the Hump Day started right. Instead, we did this:

Mosey to middle of parking lot for COP IC

SSH x 25

Low Slow Squats x 20

Merkins x 10


Mosey to Hot Box for 10 Dips, 10 Derkins, 10 Step Ups.

Rinse and Repeat

Run to A51’s Greatest Turf

Count off by 3’s. 1st group: People’s Chair. Bear Crawl up and around turf. 2nd group: Burpees until Bear Crawlers are finished. Rotate thru each position 2x.

Mosey to lot near RoundAbout. Pax hold plank while one by one each man runs AYG around the circle and back to his spot.

Grab a rock for Curls x 10, Overhead x 10, Curls x 10.

Line up shoulder to shoulder, pass one rock end to end with American Hammer. Up the line and back 2x. Return your rock.


Indian Run to fence , far side of soccer fields. Partner up.

Wheelbarrow until done, flapjack as needed.

Run to Child Development drop off, for 4-Man Derkins and One-Legged Burpees 10 each leg.

Lunge Walk tree to tree, 5 Squats at each tree.

Mosey back to cars for brief Mary.



We had a great group out there, Cobains to the name I left off. Tried to hit a lot of the campus at Anvil. Lots of opportunity out there!

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