Worst. Day. Ever.

Worst. Day. Ever.

I’ll tell you why.

#1. Alf is the nantan. I thought after some backroom wheelin’ and dealin’ that I had stymied his campaign to be nantan. But much like Putin, corruption always finds a way to prevail. You have won this battle, Alf, but know this: #notmynantan

#2. WTF, Dunkin. Just when I had started to recover from the whole Alf, #notmynantan, thing, you go to something like this. I know we are not popular there. We take all of your precious parking spots. We make it harder for your customers to purchase donuts (because they have to walk further). Sometimes we are loud. But we have always been faithful to purchase donuts and coffee. I sort of felt like we were making progress since we now park further away. Even your employees thanked us for giving them their parking spaces back (which they actually never own in the first #entitledmuch). But today was a new low. With about 1/2 mile to go, I felt it. I told myself, “have no fear, Dunkin is just ahead”. Yes, I know it was a good rhyme. Dunkin is basically a fortress of solitude. They have donuts and coffee and a bathroom. It is the perfect place to find solace from a hard day at work or a tough run. But a fortress of solitude should never let you down. I don’t care how much you hate someone, you should never deprive him of toilet paper. Come on, it is a basic human right! You didn’t even leave a few shards on the cardboard roll. Low blow, Dunkin. I don’t know if we will ever recover our relationship. #notmyfortressofsolitude

#3. After feeling bummed and pretty raw, I decided to restart the day with some breakfast on the way to work. Naturally, I stopped at Bo’s for a Cajun Filet Biscuit combo with fries. Why anyone gets the Bo Rounds is beyond me. The best thing about the fries is the seasoning. Let’s be honest, without the seasoning their fries are pretty lame. Well, the Bo’s on Charlottetown apparently serves some fries sans seasoning. Like the whole pack of fries sans seasoning. I give up. I should have went with the Bo Rounds. #notmyfries

So yeah, that’s it. I’m now in a deep state of depression and its all Alf’s, #notmynantan, fault.

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2 years ago

The cashier was pretty sweet on me today. She also dropped the knowledge that we runners buy many chocolate glazed donuts. I prefer Boston cream.

2 years ago

Boston Kremes are the best. Everyone else is wrong.

2 years ago

Co-workers like the regular filled, not Boston Kremes.

Poor Alf! Just cause he eats cats and not donuts!
Btw – I was recently wondering if ALF was age appropriate for my 10 year.
Not yet!

Good run. I’ll be back!

2 years ago

2 years ago

You did a backblast? Very solid effort.

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