That’s what she said

That’s what she said

The threat of thunderstorm didn’t stop 8 of us from getting together for a muggy boot camp at Thrive. As the Q, I wasn’t sure about the F3 lightning policy. I assumed it was something like, “Getting struck by lighting builds character/fuses your testicles into brass/etc.” I was actually informed that lightning is the only legitimate reason to cancel a workout. (I was a little disappointed to hear that… I guess even F3 has limits on crazy.) Ultimately, this never came up as the little green blobs on the satellite passed us by without incident.

What’s there to say? We ran, we jumped, we squatted, we pushed/sat up. On a morning where the humidity had to be at least 90%, we each sweated out the equivalent of a 7-11 Big Gulp. It was nice to have Senor Frog out for his first visit to Thrive. Hope he joins again.

Also, today was my final day working out with you guys. My family is relocating to Cary next week, so I’ll be F3-ing up there from now on. I’ve enjoyed the workouts and the fellowship. Mumblechatter at Thrive is indeed second to none (That’s what she said…)


The Thang:

Lap around building

  • Side straddle hop x25
  • Imperial walker x20
  • Windmill x15
  • Mountain climber x20

Mosey across street to gov’t building

  • Partner up
  • Each partner runs opposite way around circle
  • When you meet, do 10 hand slap Merkins

Repeat 2x

Mosey to wall

  •  5 box jumps, then lap around circle
  • Repeat for 3 laps

 Mosey back to picnic shelter

  • Stay with your partner
  • 1 partner does lap around parking lot
  • Other partner rotates through the following:

10 LBC’s

10 dips

10 step ups

  • Repeat for 3 laps

 Mosey to wall

  • Balls to the Wall

Hold it for 10 count (2 times)

  • Find spot on wall and do People’s Chair

Arm presses x75 (civilian count)

Arm presses x100

On your 6

  • American Hammer x25
  • Dolly x25
  • Freddy Mercury x25
  • End with stretching


  • Pray for Glass Joe and family (his wife is at Duke Hospital for surgery)



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