Seeing where the Professionals Play

Seeing where the Professionals Play

On a beautiful Thursday morning, seven PAX rolled out of Matthews Elementary to run around Matthews. Here’s what we did:


The Thang

Take a right out of Matthews Elementary, to the Corner of E Charles and S Trade

15 SSH

15 IW

Head E on Charles Street

Pit stop at Crestale Road intersection for 20 Hand Release Merkins

Continue on E Charles until the 4 Mile Creek entrance (Across from Rainbow Ridge Road)

Dynamic Stretching, and jog up to Stadium A (where the Eagles play)

Around the Stadium twice, stopping halfway for pain station

Round 1, 20 Jump Squats

Round 2 20 CDD

Head back down the Greenway, and back the way we came- stop one more time at Crestdale for some OYO work

Continue on Charles to Freemont to Main, back to launch in time to meet up with the Peak guys- total of 5 miles on the nose



Being my first experience at Sparta, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I came to find out that the name Sparta is fitting- these guys are lean, mean running machines!

The group stayed close together the entire time- Madison and Gypsy were of course out front the entire day, followed closely by Christmas.

Somewhere in the woods of  Matthews Sportsplex heading towards Charlotte Eagles stadium, we seemed to lose Horsehead for a few minutes. He then emerged from the woods muttering something about the creepy old man in the woods- no one really wanted to press him further. We may never know what truly happened.

Arena was running strong, as well as Arsenal. When arriving at launch, Arsenal gave me all this hullabaloo about him being the anchor so to make sure and be careful and consider him with whatever we were doing.

Being the kind, considerate Q that I am, I changed absolutely nothing and he rocked it.

Honestly I was somewhat nervous of going this far out on my first Q on a route I had never run before- but these guys were more than up to the challenge and then some. I came away seriously impressed- you can tell they have been forged through the fires of running probably every hill that Matthews has to offer.

Much discussion was made about the fact that the 4 Mile Creek at the Sportsplex doesn’t connect to the 4 Mile Creek in downtown (I know right??) Neat to see the stadium in the morning as well- Horse Head gave us some F3 history in the fact that various PAX have tried to get a workout launched from the Sportsplex, but it never worked due to the gates being closed before hours. It would be an awesome location- lots great real estate.

Also- I kicked a toad on the run back. Super random, but it happened.

We actually got back to Renfrow Hardware a lot faster than I estimated (this crew beasted it)- so audibled to the Gumby Loop down Charles to add in some mileage which worked out perfectly.

The goal all along was to try and hit five miles- as we arrived back at the school we hit fix miles on the nose #stravadontlie

Not sure what happeend after that- I had to leave before COT to get to work. If there were any significant announcements, I’m sure Geraldo had them in his Peak Bblast, or post them below.

Thanks for letting me lead- it was an honor to run with you guys. This may have been my first visit to SPARTAAAA- but it won’t be my last.


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