A lesson on Cousins…..

A lesson on Cousins…..

13 mighty men gathered for another edition of Hydra this morning.  It felt slightly cooler at 5:29, but by 5:32 we were sweating like John Candy in a sauna.  After a proper disclaimer (Spackler called it “cute” because I said I would be with everyone in spirit….I thought that was a nice thing to say, but whatevs), we headed on:

Warm Up:

Jog to opposite side of OPE for:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 LS Squats (Curd noticed I slowed down on pivoting as the count went on….#oldmanhips!)
  • 15 IWs

Mosey across the street to the never ventured south side of Windy Rush.  Stopped at first stop sign and partnered up.  Both partners do 10 hand slap merkins to start, then split up and ran the loop in opposite directions.  10 HSM’s again when you meet each other on loop and 10 again at the end of the loop. A few people called for a second loop, but we had to move on…too much planned.

Mosey and Cross Rea to the often ventured north side of Windy Rush.  Stop at each street light on the left for 5 CDD’s until we hit Foxborough.  Stop for some LBC’s.

At Foxborough, triple nickel with 5 air squats at bottom of the hill and 5 HR merkins at the top.    One Eye, Queen and Marge led the whole dang time!  Sweet work, boys!  I led from the back…again, I care about your safety!

One Eye took us through a little Mary at the bottom of Foxborough.  We then headed into the woodsy pathway that connects Foxborough to the back fields of OPE.  It was at this time that Spackelr started holding court and telling us about “animal cousins”.  F3 bylaws and human decency require me to stop there with the explanation, but ask Spackler at his next post…..probably have to wait until November or December!

Once at the back football practice field, partner up again for a variety of partner carries, forward running, backward running, wheel barrow partnering, bear crawling, etc.  We did a little planking and Mary back there, too.  Lots of moaning and groaning, frankly.

Mosey to front baseball field and partner up again.  Partner 1 runs the bases while Partner 2 does stated exercise.  I believe we did WA Merkins, Russian Twists, Garden Variety Merkins and maybe Freddy Mercury.  We finished up that with some additional Mary.

Finished up with six gassers at the open field near the batting cages.  I asked several guys for a ten count in between gassers…..Bugeater got cut off on the second to the last count so he got another chance for the final count…sorry bro!

That’s a wrap!


We covered 3.1 miles today!  Love this workout and the men who attend.  This is one I rarely miss each week because you can count on the same banter, but tough, griddy workouts.  Thanks for letting me lead Queen and Marge!  We definitely had some standout performers today, but the pax really stuck together which makes Qing a luxury.  Thanks for being easy on me boys!


Marge is sending out the Hydra Q schedule for the second half of 2018.  (note to all…turn off your g mail account).  Bugeater is on next week!

Revlon is having a second baby.  Wife due next week.  Congrats, but get rest now bro!!

Jet Fuel….excellent take-out prayer!  Thank you!

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BugeaterPosted on5:34 pm - Jul 19, 2018

Yeah, never been count-jacked before. Great Q Hopper and way to lay out the Wienke. We were all over and got our monies worth. Looking forward to Qing Hydra next week, been since 2015. #seriousKotters

SpacklerPosted on2:09 am - Jul 20, 2018

Wrong Hopster. I love me a sh*t show, which next week is sure to be. As long as Wed night doesn’t bring any shenanigans, I plan to post next Thursday.

SpacklerPosted on2:09 am - Jul 20, 2018

Wrong Hopster. I love me a sh*t show, which next week is sure to be. As long as Wed night doesn’t bring any shenanigans, I plan to post next Thursday. Boom.

BugeaterPosted on10:11 pm - Jul 21, 2018

Spackler. I double dog dare you.

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