Schweaty Hills

Schweaty Hills

12 PAX for some frothy hill repeats in Raintree.


Quick disclaimer, headed north on Providence, left on Raintree down to gravel lot just shy of Raintree CC for 10 LSS and 10 Hillbillies. Everybody was nice and warmed up thanks to the 200% humidity.

The Thang:

Simple instructions don’t necessarily mean easy. Typically far from it. Start at speedbump at bottom of the hill and up to Four Mile Creek, then back down to the speedbump. Go hard on the way up, recover on the descent. AMRAP. Mosey back to launch for Bulldog’s expedited COT (had to run out as he was hosting England’s 4th place celebration party).


Right about 6.5 miles for everyone and we got between 7.5 – 8 hill repeats in. Impressive feat given the 6% grade on .28 mile uphill and 200% humidity. BRR training at its finest/worst. Mumblechatter was sparse today but I think several expletives with my name were heard. Everyone was grinding hard and getting after it. We lost Margo mid-way through the workout, crab cakes for dinner and FT don’t mix. Hope you are recovered by now. I know the rest of us won’t be for a few days. Thanks for following my lead, as painful as it was, and great work by all!




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