Ultimate Frisbee Championship comes to FLASH!

Ultimate Frisbee Championship comes to FLASH!

24 PAX (including 1 FNG) came to Flash to battle for UFC supremacy.

Morning started with Deflated and I catching up with Dasher for a quick pre-run to check on lighting/field situation.  After Dasher could not keep up with our pace, we proceeded on with out him. Quick check of the watch and shows 2.1 miles with blistering 2:30/mile pace.  Not bad for a Kia Sorrento.

Circled back to start and rest of pax was ready to get started.

Mosey passed first 2 fields that were either dim lit or roped off and proceed to Transporter  ShopDog’s office and circle up for warmup.


  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Mt Climbers

Count off by 3 and lets continue to mosey in search of field to begin the games.  On next part of mosey miracously a $5 was put into my hand as Moneyball/I exchanged awkward handshake and I heard whisper of stick to pavement.  So with that we come upon a well lit parking lot and this will be our field of play for today.  Lined the field and broke into our teams of 3 with minimal issue  (Impressive showing of pax being able to remember their number and coordinate into teams).  Team 1 & 2 take the field for Ultimate Frisbee, and team 3 do Jack Webb on side.  Once team 3 completes Jack Webb’s Team 1 goes to Jack Webb’s and Team 2 & 3 begin play.  Continue to rotate with team on side being the timer.  Clock shows 6:10 and time to mosey back to start.  Show that we covered approx 3.75 miles and everyone got a good sweat going either from friendly competition or return of the humidity.


  • Mumblechatter early during warmups concerning YHC’s cadence upon return from vacation – continue to impeccable.   May look to expand into 6-count exercises soon.
  • Welcome “Eyes Up” new FNG brought out by Brexit – named after peculiar placed tattoo spotted during COT.
  • Certain team decided to go skins and the Dad bods are out – few looked to be sporting sweaters w/o their shirts, others it appeared it was first time the chest has seen daylight
  • Somehow Deflated did not join in skins along with remainder of team, not sure if due to having to remove too many layers or if Bottlecap had somehow convinced him to join his team instead to make things fair (9 vs. 7) for his team.  Also, Deflated appears to have joined Legion of Boom and took no prisoners in roaming the backfield on D
  • Recalc shows that he has clearly been watching Big10 Power – Rutgers as he clearly watched his guy go deep for easy score
  • Must have been school holiday as Big10 stayed for COT and did not have to drive kids to school or he has been banned from driving kids due to blaring Humpty Dance upon entrance
  • Remainder of pax proved that we have hands for feet and cannot catch.

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