The Crane Relay

The Crane Relay

Join your F3 brothers on Friday, October 26th at 9 PM in the Ballantyne Corporate Park for The Crane Relay, straight from the mind of Frasier himself.

The Crane Relay is a Ragnar style running race (everyone based at the same location running 3 loops), but with shorter loops run on roads/paved greenways and, most importantly, teams picked in a draft. Total distance is 12 miles over 3 loops.

If you can get through a boot camp, you can (and should) do this race. More details are below or you can jump straight to the sign-up sheet here: We need all signups by August 25th, no exceptions.



  • Teams of 5 will be selected by captains in a fantasy snake draft style in the hopes of creating a number of evenly matched teams making for better competition and 2F
  • Each member of the team will run 3 loops (3, 4, and 5 miles) for a total of only 12 miles in a rotating fashion
  • All loops will be on paved roads / greenways
  • Each loop will start and end at the same point where we will all be stationed
  • Expect some great 1F while racing, but even more 2F as you will be hanging out at “camp” quite a bit


  • The race starts on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 9 PM
  • We should wrap up by 5 AM or so on Saturday morning, just in time for 2F breakfast and getting back to the family without even being missed


  • Exact location is TBD, but the starting line will be somewhere in the Ballantyne Corporate Park, likely at one of the hotels
  • Also a possibility of renting a block of rooms for showers, naps, etc.


  • None of the loops will be especially hard so this is perfect for PAX of all abilities — I will repeat, if you can get through a boot camp, you can (and should) do this race.
  • The draft should create a number of relatively balanced teams which removes all of the pressure as you are only expected to run to your current ability level (and will be running against guys of a similar level of running ability).
  • Because it’s cheap, close to home, and at a perfect time so you won’t even be missed by the family.
  • Because it’s a great introduction to relay races (multiple legs, night running w/ headlamp, running tired, etc.) without the miles, expense, logistics, stinky vans, or time away from family.
  • Because you don’t want to be the guy who missed it.


Now that you are convinced and ready to sign up, here’s what’s next:

  1. Commit to the race by adding your F3 name to this sheet by no later than August 25th
  2. Some additional steps that we haven’t figured out yet (seed time? t-shirt size? etc.). As we figure it out, we will let you know.
  3. Draft party in early September (attendance optional, but encouraged).
  4. Show up on race night ready to have some fun.



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