Triskaidekaphobia / phasmophobia

Triskaidekaphobia / phasmophobia

My arms are so sore after the workout this morning that I just banged my head on the keyboard to title this backblast.

Triskaidekaphobia is actually fear of Friday the 13th, which happens to be today and phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts. 10 of Union County’s strongest men proved that they aren’t afraid of Friday the 13th (or ghosts).

This was a last minute Q. I was asked yesterday if I would like to step up and Q. I hadn’t thought about it and didn’t have anything planned. Sure I’ll take it. What could go wrong? It’s kettlebells and 45 minutes.


If you know me, I’m not a fan of running. Since I’m calling the shots today, it will be a 0.0. That’s right exactly zero running. If I wanted to run, I would go to Fast Goat or Mountain Twitch…whatever those silly running workouts are called. I have no interest in running the Appalachian Trail while crammed in a 15 passenger van with other sweaty idiots.

I was trying to play on the Friday the 13th theme and had to stretch for this one. I need a song that had some repetition in it so I went with the theme from Ghostbusters. If you’re reading this you should know it. If you don’t or if you want to have a song stuck in your head for the rest of the day you can listen. (Not sorry if that’s in your head all day). Every time you hear “ghost” do a burpee. The first half of the song we were doing side straddle hops in between “ghosts”. The second half of the song we did arm circles in between “ghosts”

Enough warm-up. Time for the real fun to begin


This was a simple workout. Simple does NOT mean easy. It’s basically 2 exercises. Simple right?

Round 1

  • 5 swings R / 5 swings L x 10 sets
  • 5 cleans R / 5 cleans L x 10 sets

Round 2

  • 10 swings R / 10 swings L x 4 sets
  • 10 cleans R / 10 cleans L x 4 sets

Round 3

  • 15 swings R / 15 swings L x 2 sets
  • 15 cleans R / 15 cleans L x 2 sets
  • 15 Merkins with right hand on bell / 15 Merkins with left hand on bell

Round 4

  • 20 swings R / 20 swings L x 1 set
  • 20 cleans R / 20 cleans L x 1 set
  • 10 Merkins with right hand on bell / 10 Merkins with left hand on bell


  • Flutter press WITH bell in cadence x 13 (I had to keep the theme alive)
  • American Hammer WITH bell in cadence x 13
  • Freddie Mercuries WITHOUT bell in cadence x 13

That’s it gentlemen. Shout out to Snookie for taking us out.


  • Hairband is possibly working on another shirt order with more colors. Check out some of the colors that another region had (including CAMO Stay tuned to the social media outlets for more information
  • Prayers for Glass Joe’s wife as she is having surgery on the 24th.
  • Prayers for Bullwinkle’s mom as she also has an upcoming surgery. I don’t know if he announced the date or if I just missed it.
  • If you’re reading this, sign up to Q a workout.
  • Speaking of Q, YHC will also be on Q Tuesday at Thrive. I hope to see you there. It will be fun.


  • Hair band and Shepard spent a lot of their work out planning their romantic evening together and little time moving bells. I can’t wait to hear the juicy details! It was good to see Shepard back at a KB workout. Hopefully you’ll come back more often and weren’t scared away by today’s workout
  • Snookie and Hoffa also spent a lot of their work out mumbling. It looked like a seen from Grumpy Old Men. I’m not sure which was Jack Lemmon and who was Walter Matthau. I can’t give them too much of a hard time. Both are in the double respect club. I only I hope I can be half as active as these sexagenarians are.
  • Jaberwocky – I’m sorry I interrupted your sleep schedule. Those yawns were contagious.
  • Edison – I don’t know if I heard 5 words come out of your mouth today. Way to keep your head down and get the work done.
  • Woody – Was this a “bucket of suck”?
  • Bullwinkle and Glass Joe were relatively quiet. Good job today gentlemen
  • As I wrote the workout yesterday I knew it was a terrible idea. It was much worse in real life than on paper. It will be difficult to do anything above shoulder level today. You’re welcome.


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