Track Attack!

Track Attack!

A dozen assembled for Track Day at the The Brave for a simple, but not easy workout.

Disclaimer then disembark! Head west 1.5 miles on Community House Road to Community House Middle School with brief stops to collect the six and do ‘mericans.

At the track –
800m – go fast
400m – go fast again
200m – time for fastness
100 – fast-er-est you cant!!

At the basketball hoops, do five Bobby Hurleys (jump shot/squat). Run back with brief stops for ‘mericans.

‘Merc/Mary ladder
10 of each
9 of each
8 of each
7 of each
6 of each
5 of each

We ran five miles and did a lot of push-ups. (Sounds like F3.)

Field notes & observations:

Canadians invented basketball
Muggsey Bouges lives in S.CLT, someone EH him
Wingman may or may not have been accessory to murder.
One Niner shows up 30 minutes early to set up a yoga/roller station for himself
Mary Kay needs to overanalyzing the Brave and show up
Madam T needs to get to The Brave more often
Strange Brew was at The Brave launch. It was good to have him back. #F3OG
Hollywood placed sixth in the mile at the first (really second) BROlympics #glorydays


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