Dual Substi-Q Leg Day

Dual Substi-Q Leg Day

I had warned some of my new Briarcrest Pax that they were going to get a certain body part handed to them this morning with Dasher on Q.  When asked how hard I said “well, when we do box jumps he jumps on top of the pick nick table instead of the seat”.  That seamed to be enough to get my point across.  We pull in fairly early at 6:25 to a few pax under the light pole, but no Dasher.  In my head I thought “He must be out getting 10 miles in before hand.  6:29….no Dasher.  A pax asked who’s on Q and I advised of Dasher.  There was an audible grown from several.  We start trying to figure out who will Substi-Q in case Dasher is a no show.  Having heard of the Doc McStuffin beat down on Wednesday mixed with 500 merkins at the Floater, I quickly decided to volunteer so that we could keep the chest workout to a minimum.  Almost in unison Mad Dog also jumped in so it was determined a dual Substi-Q would occur.  6:31…no Dasher…lets go.


Lap around the parking lot to the front of the school.  Car coming in on two wheels.  Could it be Dasher….Mad Dog says no….keep going.

  • 25 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • 15 Parker Peters
  • 25 LBC’s
  • 15 Mountain Climbers


  • Partner up.  Partner 1 Step Up, Partner 2 run the loop.  200 step ups as a team.  Mary when finished.
  • On your own: 40 foot release squats on a bench, 40 dips.  Mary when finished
  • Partner up.  Partner Inch worm (no merkin) around front middle school loop.  Partner 2 run the loop and come back to relieve your partner.  I had hoped to get 3/4 way around the loop before calling it.  I apparently was a little ambitious on that goal.  We got 1/4 of the way around the loop and I decided it was Mad Dog’s turn.
  • Lt. Dan’s.  Apparently Mad Dog learned something new during his spring vacation to Hilton Head Island.  In a circle, first person does 1 squat and 4 reverse lunges.  To the left second person does 2 squats and 8 lunges (jack webb counting).  Thank God my prayer was answered and at 10 squats Mad Dog audible and we started going back down the ladder.  Paper Jam was next to last with me (Fuse Box) begin the last Pax.   Paper Jam called out a modify (Yay!) to do Bobby Hurley’s instead of squats….wait, that’s not a modify….that’s harder.  So in an attempt to out (Fill in your favorite word here) him, I decided we would jump squat and jump lunge to close out the Lt. Dan’s.  Your welcome everyone.
  • Mosey to starting parking lot for light pole suicides
  • Closed it out with flutters and heels to heaven.


  • Good tag team Q today…though I went over my time allotment.
  • I wanted to make sure we kept moving to get some running in since both Wed and Thursday workouts were low on running.  Surprisingly we ran a lot (a lot in Clydesdale terms) while getting no further than the front of the middle school.
  • I also wanted to keep it leg heavy with so much chest.  I believe that also was accomplished.
  • Good to see Paper Jam out two days in a row with us WUC folks.  I imagine he is a short timer with us doing the Journeyman, but he has been a great addition lately.  Surprised to hear he is 49 in the name-o-rama.  Had him pegged a little younger.
  • Nice back to back showings from Banjo.  The former Cross Fitter has jumped in nicely with the group.  Will be interested to hear his comparisons in workouts and conditioning after he has a few weeks under his belt.  I would assume Crossfit is more weights (obviously since all we have is rocks), but I would suspect we get a better total body workout including more cardio…..I may be wrong.  Either way, I still despise cross fit.  I think it has a higher injury risk than other workouts and the women that do it look like men after a year (I do not apologize to the wives who take cross fit).
  • FNG Might Mo made it out (Beckham’s 2.0).  This is the first pax I have paid to come out.  Lil man has started his own business pressure washing trash cans and other pressure washing jobs.  He made enough money last year to pay is way out to Hawaii to see Pear Harbor so you gotta respect that.  If I remember correct, he has a goal of joining the Navy (I may be mis-remembering but I swear it was the Navy) so we need to get him out to a Saturday workout to meet up with Delta and Popeye.
  • I just recently found out that Akbar got his name from a Star Wars character instead of the Allah Akbar.  I’ve been going on the assumption that F3 was full of savages for 9 months now and had been using that savageness to go hard on my FNG name recommendations.   Whoops!  Good work today Akbar.  Listen out for my kids screaming your name every time we pass your house.  It some how has become a think in our family now…not sure why.
  • Halfway through the beat down I asked Easy Button if I could press him to help me get through the rest of the workout.  I got a half smile out of him before he hit the after burners and left me in his dust.  Good seeing you out and great addition to the group.
  • The rest of you….good job…tired of typing and I’m not calling out 15 pax.


  • Pray for the 18 year old from 5 Stones who went down with a heart attack in Minnesota earlier this week.  Anvil brought to our attention on Thursday.  No update.  I believe his name was Austin.
  • Shop Dawg is leading a pallet sanding party for the Sand Box next Saturday (July 21st).  Get with Shop for more details.  I believe it will be 3-4 hours of sanding pallets in order to make pallet furniture.


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