Vibrating Alarm Clock

Vibrating Alarm Clock

My FitBit band recently broke while playing basketball, leaving me with, well, only the middle “bit”. I use the vibrating alarm feature to wake me up so I don’t wake up the whole house.


It’s set to 3 times –  4:45am, 4:47am and 4:50am. There is a backup alarm on my phone set for 5am. With only the “bit” I had been putting the piece into my underwear at night and hoping that it would wake me up (where else would it stay close to my body?). This morning it didn’t and my back up phone alarm had to wake me. Either the feeling in my pants was too enjoyable to get up or I’m losing feeling down there – regardless, I’m excited that my new FitBit band is coming in the mail today. My wife is starting to get jealous.


The PAX enjoyed that story when I shared it this morning – also, for some reason no one would shake my hand at the end of the workout.


The Thingy…

7 of us took off and headed for the Library


Warmup – calf raises, lunges on stairs to library


Circle up on concrete bench and partner up  

P1 – Run around Library

P2- Dips, Derkins and Step ups

Run lap 2 together

Flapjack for lap 3

Round 2 – same thing but P2 does Situps, Incline Merkins and Step Ups.


4 Corners – .5 mile loop from Seaboard, down train tracks, back around to downtown Matthews

Round 1 – 5, 10, 15, 20 jump squats at each corner

Round 2 – run .5 mile loop, no stops


Increasing Merkins at each light post down to John St. – 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 – real burn here.


Over to Freemont St – 10 power planks, 10 mtn. climbers at each light post (5 or 6 total) to stop sign.


Run over to Jefferson St. Loop 

P1 – Runs Loop

P2 – Lunges forward until P1 relieves him


Run over to Freemont St. through my garden – had log coupons in my front yard

Choose a heavy log – 20 shoulder presses, run up to the stop sign 3x.


Run to Greenway – on your own run through the greenway, through the wooden trail and meet up with Peak 51 at Matthews Elementary.


4.7 miles and we’re done. 




Lots of sweat and almost no talking today after we got done with the first 4 corners.


Animals were aplenty this morning as we ran into some deer, rabbit and a very recently dead squirrel.


The entire PAX was within 50  yards of each other this morning. We had a good pace and a lot of strength stops mixed in – getting 4.7 was pretty good all things considered but I hoped for 5 – next time for sure.


The Jefferson St. loop was not only a great hilly road but also has the oldest kiln in Mecklenburg County residing on it – it’s a huge piece of crap.


Thurston is changing jobs and moving to Durham soon – he’ll surely be doing F3 when he gets there but best wishes to him and his family. He’s been a regular for a while and we’ll definitely miss having him in A51.


Gypsy was touting a new SFN bike race – I was messing with my phone when he was talking so ask him for more details.


Check out the entire route we did on “Relive” which is an app that does an aerial view of the workout. I’ll try to post it to Twitter.


Sparta is turning into one of my favorite AOs and I can’t think of a better place to run – well-lit, small town, almost no traffic, hills a plenty.


After 4 days of running my nipples are turning into raw meat…between that and my vibrating alarm clock in my pants I’m pretty sure this post may get flagged.


Good work today fellas – awesome push on a muggy day.


Out – Whip

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GypsyPosted on2:00 pm - Jul 13, 2018

okay.. seriously.. Orange Whip running around the streets of DT Mattews all Chippendale complaining about raw nipples and talking about a vibrating electronic device in his underwear.. Christmas being called out for playing with Whip’s big log..
I’m so glad Horse Head did not post Sparta for this one.. we would have never finished due to all the jokes. .. the whole post was meant for Heard at F3. 🤣

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