That Sounds Like It Sucks

That Sounds Like It Sucks

Today was the 2nd half of the Rebel Yell/The Arsenal convergence, after RY made the trek to Indian Land a few weeks back for cheap gas it was our turn to head north here’s what we did.


Mosey past the theatre, perform a variety of warmup type exercises, get chastised by Fire Hazard for doing two rounds of merkins.

The Thang:

Head to the loading dock area behind Harris Teeter.  At each speedbump do merkins and squats, start at 5 each and increase by 1 at each speed bump.

Mary until the six (YHC) arrives.

Next  exercise was Burpback Mountain, at the suggestion of Doc McStuffins we used the closer, larger, steeper hill.  For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, its as awesome as it sounds.

Partner 1: Burpee

Partner 2: Run up hill and back to Partner 1, flapjack until 100 total burpees completed

Next up was Bear 1-2-3, Bearcrawls with 100 Merkins – 200 LBC – 300 squats

Partner 1: Bear crawl to the called distance and jog back

Partner 2: Work on the counting exercises, flapjack until all 3 exercises complete

Back to the speedbumps for Carolina Dry Docks starting at 5 and increase by 1 at each successive bump.

Mary until six is in.

Mosey to the back of the cinema.

Wall sits with 25 air presses, run up the hill, wall sits with 20 air presses,

Mosey back to launch

50 calf raises on curb, finish with 10 x Chippy Cross


Not a whole lot other than War Eagle giving us the title for the BB when Burpback Mountain was called.


Great work by the PAX, not easy workout, everything hurts right now.

Thanks to General, Doc McStuffins, Ringer among others for leading Mary while waiting on us slow folks.

Mary Kay and Billygoat, thanks for having us up and letting me lead.


Erector farewell Q at Blackhawk this Saturday, 0600 Trail run (bring headlamp) 0630 Main Event followed by breakfast at Cruisn Ruebenz.  Worth the trip to say goodbye to Erector he will certainly be missed.

Rebel Yell Q schedule is open, help out Billygoat and Mary Kay and pick a date.

Welcome to Happy Meal relocating from Raleigh





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