Taking Requests at Anvil

Taking Requests at Anvil

Utah and YHC pulled into the launch lot and Haze was there.  He was a soft commit last night.  Something about a Q at Hydra to prepare for on Thursday.  Gave the QIC a few ideas on what he wanted to do should he post.  Noted.  10 more PAX rolled in, disclaimer given at 0530 and we launched.


Mosey through the vast parking options at Calvary.  Quick right into a full circle back to the launch lot.  Brilleaux was cruising in at 0532.  We picked him up at his car because that’s what we do.  Had YHC known it was him, may have let him catch us.  He’s fast and capable.  Continue mosey to lot above the baseball diamond.


5 Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

6 Burpees OYO

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

7 Burpees OYO

Merkin x 10 IC/Hold plank

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

8 Burpees OYO

Flutter x 25 IC

Mosey to Rock Pile.  9 Burpees OYO (Scabby request).  Grab a lifting rock and bring it to the closest parking lot.

Rapid Fire Rock Set 

All civilian cadence to 10.  Curls/Tri Extensions/Overhead Press.  3 reps.

10 Burpees OYO–Gummy request

Goblet Squat x 10/Thruster x 10.  Hold Rock overhead.  10 count.  Repeat.  Keep holding rock overhead.  Walk it to rock pile.  10 count.  Return rocks.

Mosey over to the Hot Box.

People’s Chair

Arms straight out.  Hold.  Shoulder Press x 50 IC.  Enter the Hot Box.

Bench Set

10 Jump/Step Up/15 Derkin/15 Heels to Heaven.  Repeato

Mosey over to lot one.  Line up.

The Beast–Haze request

Run to island 1.  6 x called exercise.  Run to island 2.  6 x called.  Island 3.  6 x called.  Island 2.  6 x called.  Island 1.  6 x called.  Launch.  6 x called.  Repeat 5 times for 6 total repetitions.

  1. Merkins
  2. Heels to Heaven–Brilleaux request
  3. Jump Squat–Haze request
  4. Monkey Humpers–Bugeater request
  5. Carolina Dry Docks–Utah request
  6. Burpees–Gummy request


6 inches.  Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold/Flutter x 25/Hold/Dolly x 25/Hold/High Flutter x 10/Hold/Rosalita x 10

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey toward the launch lot.  Stop at Avenue of Trees turnaround.  6 Burpees OYO.

Continue mosey to launch lot.

7 Burpees OYO.

Plank series.  High Plank/R arm high/R leg high/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg lift x 10/Low Plank Jack x 10–Haze request



Couple of the A51 board guys had a beer last night.  Alf and Champagne taking Wednesday as a designated sleep-in day.  Haze was on the fence.  Asking YHC what was planned.  Figuring he needed rest for his Hydra Q.  Said something about the Beast and a maybe for Anvil.  Gummy stayed silent.  Veteran move when you are a Voodoo Commit.  Turns out, Haze was 1st to arrive.  Gummy posted also.  Glad to see them both, and, sure, we can do some of the stuff previously discussed.  High on the list were the Beast and Haze’s favorite, Low Plank Jacks.

Took off on the mosey and we see an unidentifiable car rolling in late.  Quick turnaround to pick up Brilleaux.  Like YHC said above, he would have caught us, but we needed to scoop him up.  He jumped out of the car and was ready to go.

Bugeater’s clown Jeep had an empty backseat.  He managed to haul Leprechaun in with him.  Well done.  They both worked hard, as usual.  Bug accessed the reserve tank on Beast rep 5 to finish with Rachel.  Dude is getting after it and back in form.  He may or may not have been too aggressive on the rock choice.

Rachel and Brilleaux were pushing the pace on the Beast reps.  Utah refusenik’d the majority of the burpees.  He does not like them, apparently.  Snuka has some weird form on Dolly and Rosalita.  He gets after it though, and pushed hard on the Beast.

Scabby drove in.  YHC thought he sold his car and was running everywhere in training for his 95th marathon, at Grandfather Mountain (sounds flat and easy),  followed by a few ultras, just for fun, in the coming months.

We did 100 Burpees should you need to log that into the exercise journal.

Hammer was getting after it, even though he was, admittedly, feeling the effects of the 107 minutes of Fast Twitch provided via Alf yesterday.  Deep Dish and Slum Dog putting in the work.  Well done men.  Appreciate all the requests, it makes the Q’s job that much easier.  T-claps for the prayer takeout from Hannibal.

YHC is DR for a good chunk of the month.  Yesterday was 1st post in 10 days.  It hurt.  So did today.  Always an honor and a pleasure to lead men in F3 workouts.  Solid start to get the day started.  Get after it.


The Sandbox is an initiative that helps those in need in the community.  Soft Pretzel is the man to reach out to if you can spare some time to help a family in need.  Might be work around their house they can’t complete due to having a sick child in the hospital, as an example.  A group recently laid down a paver patio.  Best place to get info is on Slack.  I can get you going on that if you want to get involved.

Church on the Street.  A51 sends 5 volunteers a month to help out with COTS.  Strawberry is your contact.  The commitment is a few hours.  You will be helping to feed people who are hungry beneath a bridge near uptown.  Older 2.0’s welcome.  I can connect you with Strawberry if you are not on Slack/Twitter.  Hit me at f3mermaid@yahoo.com


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Purple HazePosted on2:28 pm - Jul 11, 2018

All these requests attributed to me that I never remember making…too many All Day IPAs I guess.

Solid bootcamp (< 2miles) for your 118th Q (100 or so at Anvil).

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