How’d I get gravel in my hair??

How’d I get gravel in my hair??

9 pax assembled for Gear Day at Death Valley, finding we had more stations (and kettlebells) than pax.  Could so few employ so much?

The Thang

  • T-1: quick tour/demo of the stations
  • T-0: basic disclaimer for this group of veterans

COP – aka brief warmup

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Prying Squats – 3 IC
  • IW – 20 IC

Station Work:

The Sled is the timer station to rotate.  Pax rotate onto the sled in order, returning to their station rotation after the sled.

  1. Sled – filled with various kettlebells (which got a lot of paint scrubbed off, by the way), most of which were smaller bells in the 35# range, until we dropped in Icky’s 55#, which helped greatly.  Total weight = unknown, but likely more than Header and a bit less that Puddin’.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg
  3. Bottoms Up Press – 14kg
  4. Swings – 28kg – pax choice: two handed, one handed, or alternating
  5. One Arm Press – pax choice of 16 or 20kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – about 8 feet long, ~35#, slightly overfilled as it didn’t slosh enough.  #cobains
  7. Pullups – scratch that.  No place for pullups at DV.
  8. Merkins – #staple
  9. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg
  10. Goblet Squat – 36kg
  11. Lawnmower Rows – 24kg
  12. Snatches – 20kg
  13. Sandbag – 70# – pax choice on how to employ
  14. Jump Rope
  15. Cleans – 24kg


  • Situps – IC
  • Rosalita – IC

Fini.  Well, not really.  Collect all the station gear and consolidate at YHC’s Jeep.  #lowrider


No announcements.

Take-out by Tulip.

Buff Moleskine:

Thanks, Dollywood, for the invitation to Q today and the request for a Gear Day.  Those are always fun and provide variety to our usual mix.

Everyone got about 2 full circuits completed and 4 trips on the sled (at least that’s what YHC got and we stayed together pretty well), and a lot of work was put in.  Mumblechatter was pretty low, as we were both spread out some and focused on pushing metal when on and recovering when off.

We could have, perhaps, used a few more bells on some of the stations; however, that is kind of a pro/con.  Pro in that the pax would’ve had more options, but a Con in that the pax would’ve had more options.  Instead, pax creatively modified as needed or otherwise buckled down and got it done.  The sled being a good example: watching Header or Smokey drag it through the wet grass and dirt patch (which really put the brakes on your momentum) versus watching Puddin’ Pop pull it like his little red wagon, that was yellow and had no wheels.

Good times.

And, the backblast title comes from the fact that YHC found gravel in his hair when showering.  Where’d that come from?  Anywho…


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VoodooPosted on5:51 pm - Jul 11, 2018

For the record, the sandbag is ~75# (unless it sprung a leak). Sorry to miss another shot at the gear.

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