Who’s in charge here?!

Who’s in charge here?!

20 pax assembled, including 4.2 pax who did a pre-KB workout and Hollywood who partially fartsacked and missed the Fast Twitch launch.  Glad you men joined us at another edition of Hawk’s Nest.  No SF yet, but YHC is working on it, which is to say I’m trying to commandeer someone to make one for this AO that is fast becoming an Area 51 favorite (bias intended).

The Pre-KB will hopefully be a regular thing; and even the Fast Twitch co-site Q’s Rachel & Purell joined us for 15 minutes.

So the first interesting thing to happen this morning was that our scheduled workout Q was nowhere to be found.

So YHC circled the pax at 5:31.  #cobains Mermaid for the late launch and the anemic disclaimer.  We did some IW’s as YHC’s back was tight from the KB’s…Busch promised they would loosen the back!  We then did some H-R merkins.

Below is the rest of The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

We jogged over to the lot where we launched Hawk’s Nest/Fast Twitch for one day when the construction got all up in our normal business…thinking our absentee Q might have parked there as that one day was the only day he’s posted at Hawk’s Nest.  Alas, he’s fully AWOL and/or fartsacking.  So we partnered up and P1 ran a sneaky painful hilly loop around the lot while P2 did CDD’s.  Flapjack.  Repeato with squats and with flutters.

Mosey over towards the gym but doing a 60 yard? stretch of alterating bear crawls and lunge walks down one of the outdoor corridors.  Reasonably sure Puddin’ did neither the bear crawls nor the lunges. #DBP. Semi-Gloss was up to the same task.

We made our way over to the front of the gym and did 15 double squat step-up’s and 15 Incline Merkins.  Only HIPAA joined me at the high wall….hope Hopper, among others, skinned your knees doing step up’s on the low walled hawk statue.  Just kidding…sort of.

T-claps to our WD Beaver for posting and getting back in the gloom after breaking his hip nearly a year ago #oldmantough

We then made our way to the bridge for some people’s chair and overhead presses…mainly so YHC could think up some other parts of the on-the-fly Weinke.  Shockingly, Spackler shared with YHC how to make people’s chair easier when on one-leg…#professionalmodifier  Congrats on starting the new job today brother – let’s tee it up Friday, shall we?!

We then jogged past the chlorine sauna (aka Swim MAC) and made our way up to the lacrosse field….but one of the Latin staff was setting up something on the field so we continued on to Buttermaker’s for some more work.  Somebody pointed out a boat tucked just on the shore of Lake Latin as we jogged to the far end of the AO…we’ll make use of that some day…or not.

At Buttermaker’s we did some baseball position number theme work (even though it’s a softball field and they probably use 4 or 5 outfielders and facemarks for the infielders – WTH?).  9 H-R merkins in RF, 8 in CF, 7 in LF, 6 at SS, 5 at 3B, 4 at 2B, 3 at 1B, another 3 (for C and P combined as we didn’t want to mess up the groomed MLB quality infield dirt).  Billy Goat and likely several others had no grass nor dew on their shirts, so they obviously modified to some kind of Chelms-like Carolina Dry Merkin.

Schmedium was thankful we didn’t do 100+ burpees like they did at Matrix yesterday.  I wasn’t planning any, but Doc took over the Q at the 0600 mark, and would add some burpees on the track during what he called Ring-of-Fire.

Didn’t hear much from Thunder Road but the man posts 8 or 9 days a week, so he’s got enough on his plate without adding to it.  Speaking of not hearing much – I didn’t hear a lot from Busch either.  Perhaps he smoked himself a bit when Q’ing the pre-KB…probably not.  YHC is old and doesn’t hear well.

Gummy was also a bit quieter than normal though did make the call of “we should probably head back” at about 6:04.

Can’t remember exactly what Doc called except some modified Jack Webb (using 4 MC’s rather than overhead press with the Merkins)….and I pert near fell out during those.

Deep Dish is becoming a regular member of the pax after recovering from a winter shoulder injury incurred while lifting indoors with fake ferns and towel service.  Glad you’re back out in the gloom.  Stay outside.

Bulldog left at 6:08 before the Ring O’ Fire – which was also pretty awful.  To his credit, he did the pre-KB, so he got in 53 minutes of downpainment.  And he had to get home to start preparing for Three Lions’ WC semi-final match….which is tomorrow at 2pm.

Bananas acquitted himself nicely after not posting at F3 in a couple months…the pre-KB’s were especially unkind to you my friend.

We did some Mary here-and-there and some dips on the bridge at Lake Latin… and perhaps another couple things; but that’s enough.

COT with Busch taking us out in prayer.

One more thing – the Fast Twitch pax was about 10 minutes late for COT…something about getting lost in Busch & Schmedium’s neighborhood….though PopTart (aka Tackleberry) somehow made back in time?

Enjoyed it fellas.  Sorry for the impromptu Q, but hope you got your money’s worth this morning.  Keep EH’ing men.  You know lots of guys who need this.  And be especially alert to those guys who don’t know they need it.

See you knuckleheads again soon in the gloom.



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