What’s that smell?

What’s that smell?

Goonie planted the SF well before YHC arrived..veteran site Q.  12 pax were disclaimed, and we launched..circling back in the parking lot for late-arriving Bugeater.  Not to be outdone, Floor Slapper wrested the LIFO claim from Bug’s hands a few minutes into COP.  Goonie retrieved him (another veteran site Q move) and met us at Davie Park.

Ye Olde Moleskine & some of the Thang:


H-R Merkin x 10 IC

Slow Squat x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Head down 51 to Davie Park.

Line up on the field for some high knees & lunge walks – 80’ish yards.

Mosey over to the parking lot & partner up.  Size, speed, age, IQ were of no consequence in choosing a partner.

P1 Carolina Dry Docks while P2 runs to park gate and back.  Flapjack.

P1 Freddie Mercury’s. P2 to gate and back. Flapjack,

P1 Jump Squats.  P2 to gate and back.  Flapjack.

My partner Stay Puft was getting after it – a very “respectful” effort today…as was that of our WD Boomer who re-EH’d his long lost son-in-law Far Side.  Far Side still looks to be one of the fittest pax in all of Area 51. Some guys just have it.  Kotters to you and Boomer….and why don’t you make this F3 thing a habit again?!

Jet Fuel was up front much of the morning, and rightly asked YHC why I no-showed after convincing him to post at Hawk’s Nest last Tuesday.  Wasn’t feeling well.  Speaking of not feeling well – Bugeater torched the Davie Park woods with shrapnel during the partner work.  Get up 10 minutes earlier, drink black coffee.  #cobains for not being on campus, thus, Gloss’ office was not in play for you.

Costanza is a constant at Base Camp, and always puts in a yeoman’s effort as evidenced during the work on the playground which consisted of incline merkins, step up’s & double squat step up’s.  Don’t remember how many we did, but it felt like a lot.

Thunder Road, not often heard but always seen all over Area 51 putting in 4-5 downpainments per week.  T-claps brother!

Moseyed back to the field for some karaoke and then back to the COP lot at the Kindercare or Somesuch? Daycare.  Did some plank work there including the obligatory Southern Gentleman & Yankee Aggressor. What was not obligatory, nor welcomed, was Goonie’s 37 second 10-count while we were at 6 inch hold.  Thank you very little. #notveteransiteQ

Pele, YHC’s backdoor neighbor, put in a strong morning’s work as well.  Sorry for not Q’ing up the clown car for you and Bug….but glad Bug drove separately….mercy!

Thumper was leading the pack in the partner work, and he’s definitely ready to post 4+ days a week.  See you at Hawk’s Nest tomorrow.

Sardine and Slumdog were right there with the rest of the pax all morning, too.  Great work men.

We finished with 6 MoM in front of SCMS including the following in cadence to 13….of course:

Makthar N’Djayie, American Hammer, Full Slow Flutter, Rosalita

…not quite finished so over to Gloss’ Office for some People’s Chair w/overhead press and a BTW for good measure. Always good to remind the pax of the disclaimer when calling BTW’s…so YHC did so.  Mermaid would have been proud.

We finished with 6 Count Burpees x 5 IC

Some of the pax asked what’s a 6-Count Burpee?  Well…it’s a burpee with correct form.  Do them IC, and you virtually exterminate all the flying squirrels.  You’re welcome.



Always thankful to be asked to Q the pax at any AO.  Much obliged Goonie.  Sorry I forgot the CCV’s.  When are you going to Q for the pax at Hawk’s Nest?

Good crew this morning.  Great to meet some new guys and see some old friends.  Keep EH’ing your friends, neighbors, etc.  Men need this, especially those that don’t know they need it.  Aye?!

Gummy on Q next week at Base Camp – you should post if only for the unparalleled mumblechatter when Gummy’s among the pax.

Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17




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GooniePosted on4:28 pm - Jul 9, 2018

I’m looking forward to Gummy continuing the SSH boycott at Base Camp next week. We should add karaoke to that list. I still haven’t figured out the usefulness of those. I’m not guarding any WRs, so I don’t really need to work on my “hip swivel.”

A dark, sadistic part of me was hoping for broad-jump burpees. This F3 thing has really caused some damage to my head.

Thanks for leading , brother. I went ahead and commented because you can’t really be seen writing your usual novella in response to your own BB (that would make things a little weird).

HopsPosted on5:32 pm - Jul 9, 2018

Karaoke’s pretty pointless indeed – just couldn’t mosey across that field…should have called broad jump burpees…next time I won’t make that mistake.
Appreciate the post. No novella (great word), but I will say there was a pax member who is no longer part of Area51 who used to be the first to comment on his own backblast…every time. #padthestats
And things are already a little weird.

BugeaterPosted on10:38 pm - Jul 9, 2018

Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Glad there was a forest nearby, you would have seen real weird. Found it somehow much easier running back, which turned out to be a race. I heard someone coming so sped up, they sped up, pedals getting faster all the way back but I did not know who it was. I thought maybe jet fuel…but there was Far Side – and it was throwback to five years ago when we were mud run training and going after it. Good times Far Side great seeing you back out and hearing you want to be back in the F3 gloom again with the fellas.

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