Gear Preview Day

Gear Preview Day

7 pax assembled at Ye Olde Providence Elementary School for the monthly gear day.  Usually, this means kettlebells, but today, it included a few non-bell implements.  Warning:  swole DOMS may occur.


The Thang:


  • SSH (not sure why these were called; just slipped out before YHC could stop them)
  • Low Slow Squats
  • IM

Enough of that.  Pick up the pax-supplied bells, and let’s mosey.

Well, look-ey here.  On the far side of the school, the basketball court is covered with bells, pipes, sleds…

Circuit Work:

  1. Sled – wheels & handles removed from a wheelbarrow, chained to a shoulder harness, and filled with kettlebells.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg bell
  3. Bottoms-up Press – various sizes 20-40#, #humbling
  4. Alternating Swing – 28 kg bell
  5. One-Arm Press – various sizes, 16-24kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – 4″ pipe, 8′ long, ~35# of water
  7. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg (2×70#)
  8. Pull-ups
  9. Goblet Squat – 36kg, 32kg
  10. Lawnmower – 24kg, 20kg
  11. Snatches – 24kg, 20kg
  12. Sandbag – 70#
  13. Jump Rope
  14. Cleans – double 24kg, single 24kg, 20kg
  15. Grass-burners – SkiBobs converted to GrassBobs

kg-lb conversion:

  • 16kg = 35lb
  • 20kg = 44lb
  • 24kg = 53lb
  • 28kg = 62lb
  • 32kg = 70lb
  • 36kg = 79lb

Sled is the timer.  (since there are more stations than pax, “next man up” rotates to sled to keep time and rotations for the pax.)  Optional, use grass-burner as timer.  Or both.  #masochists

Modify as needed as the pax rotate through the various stations.

Time.  Done.


Naked Moleskine:

Great effort by everyone today and some good #mumblechatter along the way as well, which is a big reason why we post here vs at the #fern.

YHC had been looking to do a gear day (i.e. more than kettlebells) for some time.  Constanza, who missed today due to an alarm clock fail, asked YHC to Q today, while Dollywood asked YHC to Q gear at Death Valley on 7/11.  Hmm…that’s just too convenient.  So, Ascent pax got a preview (and an extra 15 minutes) of the fun planned for Death Valley.

Thanks to Voodoo for arriving early to help YHC setup the circuit.  And, thanks to the pax for their flexibility as we tried out using a timer instead of the sled as timer and tried a couple of musical playlists.

All in all, iron was sharpened…and the paint was scrubbed off the bottom of the wheelbarrow.  #brokenin


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