First Things First…Who’s On Q

First Things First…Who’s On Q

My first Q since IR and it felt good to lead again… Buckey has been great while I was out filling the calendar.  One day was left.  Saturday after the Fourth. Last year after the Fourth Goonie lead me and Strawberry (yup, three of us). So I wasn’t sure about the turnout.  DaVinci has been keeping good company lately and the guys are showing up. Got a text from Hops about the calendar being open (forgot to add my name to the schedule).  So I wrote out a Weinke…

Here’s what we did after meeting an FNG (Happy Feet) and a decent disclaimer was given.

Mosey to front side best buy


  • SSH x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • LSS x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • Amer hammer x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo

The mumble chatter ensued and I promised no more burpees, though PaperJam wasn’t falling for it.

Mosey to first row parking

  • Partners for welbarrow to next row, flapjack to 2nd row
  • Repeat to 3rd flapjack to 4th
  • Plank for 6
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • Repeat x2


  • Run opposite directions to back of BB
  • 10 hand slap merkins
  • Run Backwards to front of BB
  • x10 hand slap merkins
  • Repeat x3

Mosey around Newks straight across and up middle Blakeney behind Old Navy

Wall –ups x5

Mosey around to Blakeney Heath

Triple Nickel up hill and back

  • Bottom do x10 squats
  • Top do x10 merkins
  • Repeat x5

Stay at top…Grab a big lifting rock

  • Curls x 10
  • Tricep extension x10
  • Repeat x3

Mosey to fountain

Do exercises on sidewalk – Another first. Not sure anyone has done these at DaVinci?  Basically on the sidewalk there are written exercises x4.  Check them out next time you pass by.

At fountain

  • dips x 10
  • step ups x 10
  • derkins x 10
  • x3

Check time – enough to cross the street and do some mary.


First time in like 15ish Q’s that I actually finished on time using the Weinke I wrote.  Usually we crush it and I have to add lib a bit. We added a few LBC’s, flutters, etc along the way to give the 6 a chance to catch up. Not much lag time today – strong group.  If you’re around F3 much at all there are always a few crowd favorites, PaperJam, Cheddar and Hops are always great to have in the PAX. As Q I’m looking for someone to help with the FNG or keep me honest with regards to time. Worked out a few times now with Erector and he’s gotten strong, thanks for the pace setting at the front. Good to see Tumble Weed back after a brief hiatus too.

Couple of announcements… Cheddar mentioned Isabella Santos in September.  Plus Pokey begins Wednesday!!

5 runners joined for the COT and Coffeteria.

During Hops “take out” (thanks!) We actually revised / renamed the FNG from Penguin (a hockey reference to a rival team) to Happy Feet.  Go figure, another first for this crazy day.

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HopsPosted on12:40 am - Jul 9, 2018

Solid Q Fredo. Had to stay ahead of Leprechaun this morning so he didn’t crop dust the #%^+ our of me. Speaking of dusting, Bugeater did it again to me as he drove the clown car without me, but coming up with “happy feet“ during the prayer made up for it. #quality
Appreciate Erector pushing it so I had someone to chase all morning. God’s grace to you as you move to Tennessee brother. Come back and see us. Welcome Happy Feet. I know Fredo was thankful not to be WD.

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