Epsilon’s First Q

Epsilon’s First Q

Title: Epsilon First Que

Opener: Get ready to see more of those Cheddar Shredders in the future, I know you guys loved them.

The Warm Up:

20 side shuttle hops

15 Potato Pickers

20 Mountain Climbers


The Thang:  After Warm-up we teamed up. One partner would run around the buses while the other would do a combined total of 100 pushups and 150 squats. We then moseyed to the parking lot and did the serpentine of DOOM! We snaked through the parking lot doing 5 burpees at each of the speed bumps. We did a new workout called the Cheddar Shredder. Inspired by the Gladiators. Everybody line in a row in plank form shoulder to shoulder. Someone would face each person and do a hand slap merkin and move to the next person in line. I only got negative comments directed at me 5 times during this one.  Next, we went to the side wall where the buses were and did wall sit/ arm raises and donkey kick Jack Webs. We ended up going back to the serpentine of DOOM and did 5 jump squats at each of the speed bumps. After this we ran to the bridge and lunge walked across. We partnered up and wheelbarrowed to the bathrooms. Even though everyone ended up walking it turned out to be a tiring choice. We moseyed to the tall bleachers after a couple Mary’s.  We ran the bleachers or walked them. We had like 7 minutes left so we ran back to the railing and did supine and flutters Jack Webs. We ran out of time so we ran back to the beginning and that was the end.

The Moleskin:
Thank You everybody for supporting me all the way through the workout. I love queuing and you guys made it even easier for me. Also, Good Fella is now supposed to double up on burpees.

Announcements: On 7/21/2018 ShopDog has a Sandbox woodworking project and needs about 10 able bodied participants who can use a paint brush and power sanders.  Contact him for details or watch out for announcements on Slack.

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